Double flex couplings

Double flex couplings are compensating couplings for the torsionally flexible transmission of torque. The double flex coupling consists of two identical coupling halves, each with a soft material ring, which are loosely pushed into each other in the axial direction. With this coupling, the static and dynamic forces resulting from the torque and the shaft displacements are distributed over two soft material rings, which are essentially only subjected to compressive stress that is evenly distributed. Any relative movement between the bolt and the soft material ring resulting from angular and parallel displacements of the coupled shafts is expressed partly in sliding movements at the contact points and partly as fibre displacement in the soft material rings.

Double flex coupling

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The flexing due to the fiber displacement and the wear (abrasion) caused by the sliding movement are kept within permissible limits. Due to the identical coupling halves, the forces resulting from the torque are absorbed by both of the soft-material rings, which are therefore the reason we achieve good torsional elasticity and flexibility properties of the double-flex coupling.

Unless otherwise specified when ordering, the double flex couplings are drilled to ISO H7. Grooves for parallel keys DIN 6885-1 or keys DIN 6886.

Superior features

  • Cast elastomeric coupling in various standard sizes
  • Torsionally flexible, damping coupling
  • Dynamic tuning through elastomer selection
  • Suitable for plug-in assembly
  • High-temperature packages > 200° C on request.
  •  Maintenance-free design

Balancing Quality to DIN 21940

Balancing protocols according to DIN 21940 are available on request. Balancing to quality level Q6.3 is only possible on coupling parts with a finish bore or ready-to-install parts.

Design, Calculation

We would be happy to support you in selecting the coupling. Information on assembly, disassembly and the technical data can also be found in our catalog for download

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