BALIFLEX couplings are universally flexible, double-cardan gear couplings with crowned teeth. They permit parallel and angular displacements when the shafts are not exactly aligned and absorb axial displacements. Thanks to the combination of steel and polyamide, the BALIFLEX couplings are completely maintenance-free. Outstanding sliding properties prevent restoring forces and thus an additional load on the bearings that are located on the shafts to be coupled.


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Overriding features

  • Can be used at temperatures from –25°C to +90 °C (special sleeves up to °C 125)
  • Suitable for reversing and intermittent operation
  • Low weight, small moment of inertia
  • Compensation for parallel and angular displacements
  • Compensation of axis displacements
  • Completely maintenance-free, very simple assembly
  •  Shock absorption
  • Resistant to oils, fats and alkalis
  • Available from stock

We would be happy to support you in selecting the correct coupling. Information on assembly, disassembly and the technical data can also be found in our catalog for download.

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