ELKURI couplings transmit the torque positively and these claw couplings are torsionally flexible and fail-safe. The coupling hubs are made of high quality gray cast iron (GJL). Special material such as nodular cast iron (GJS) or steel can be supplied on request. The elastic coupling ring is made of special plastic has the shape of an involute ring gear. It lies in between the two opposing coupling halves, which are provided with concave claws.

The teeth of the elastic coupling ring are convex so that no edge pressure can occur in the case of radial or angular displacements. The elastic coupling ring can be supplied in various degrees of Shore hardness (standard 92 Shore A). The spring characteristic is progressively increasing and the twisting angle is a maximum of 5 degrees.

ELKURI couplings ensure vibration-damping torque transmission and absorb vibrations from unbalanced working engines.

ELKURI couplings can be installed horizontally or vertically. The elastic coupling ring is particularly wear-resistant, resistant to oil, ozone and ageing. The operating temperatures range from –40°C to +100°C. Temperature peaks of up to 120°C are possible.

Overriding features

  • Can be used at temperatures from –40°C to +100 °C (temperature peaks up to °C 120)
  • Low weight, small moment of inertia
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Maintenance-free, extremely simple assembly (axially pluggable)
  • Shock absorption
  • Wear-resistant, also against oils, ozone, fats and alkalis
  • Torsionally flexible and vibration absorbing
  • Puncture proof
  • Available from stock

ELKURI couplings for standard motors:

Elastic coupling ring 92 Shore A (upon request we can supply elastic coupling rings with 80 or 98 Shore A)

We would be happy to support you in selecting the correct coupling. Information on assembly, disassembly and the technical data can also be found in our catalog for download.

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