Elastic jaw / cam coupling type Z

Due to the torsionally elastic behavior of the cam coupling, critical torsional vibrations can be shifted out of the operating range of the machine system. Overloading or even damage to the drive train can therefore be significantly reduced. The couplings are made from high-quality cast iron in our in-house foundry in Germany.

The elastomeric elements made of synthetic rubber (Perbunan) are available in different elastomer hardnesses to suit many other potential situations. Alternatively, fireproof and explosion-proof elastomer elements made of special materials such as leather are also available. Metal cams and elastic elements are coordinated in such a way that no wear occurs when properly installed.

Elastic jaw or cam coupling Type Z

Areas of application

Areas of application are whenever high power has to be transmitted in the drive train and starting peaks are encountered by the elastomer packages. Application are across all machine building and engineering araes. Both on the motor side as a high-speed coupling for pumps, fans or compressors, and also on the output side for high torques for connecting gears and machine tools in comminution technology and in mills or mixers.

Superior characteristics

  • Cast flexible coupling in 8 standard sizes
  • Modular principle with flexible adaptation to shaft
  • Elastomer packages specifically selectable
  • Fire and explosion protection by leather packages
  • Coupling made of high quality cast iron in own foundry
  • Wear-resistant plastic packages resistant to many media
  • Very low wear with matching components

We would be happy to support you in selecting the coupling. Information on assembly, disassembly and the technical data can also be found in our catalog for download.

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