Bevel gears HPG-S / hardened-teeth

The most accurate circular arc tooth gearing.

Manufacturing unit:

  • Module (tooth profile) between 1.35 to 6.5 ±
  • Quality according to DIN 3965-3 to DIN 3965-6 – Ground tooth flank surfaces
  • Roughness value Rt <= 2 µm
  •  Further data on request

Due to increased requirements in terms of speed, transmission accuracy and smooth running, it became imperative to eliminate the distortion caused by the heat treatment. This necessitates machining after the gearss had been hardened. A new technology is now available for hardened gears, the "HPG-S" process (High-Power-Gear-Super). The HPG-S process works on the basis of cyclo-palloid machining with special boron nitride tools to machine out the distortion that has occurred during the heat treatment from the gears

HPG-S toothed spiral bevel gears meet the following requirements:

  • Up to 30% increased edge resilience
  • Significantly smoother running
  • Absolute reproducibility - no need to pair the wheel sets
  • Optimised contact pattern design
  • Highest pitch accuracy
  • Up to quality level 4 (DIN 3965)
  • Quiet operation
  • Highest performance and precision
Bevel gears HPG-S / hardened-teethzoom

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