Cyclo-palloid toothed bevel gears

The principle of the cyclo-palloid teeth forms are based on two eccentrically arranged cutter head groups on a cutter head that have a different sized radii of curvature. This creates the desired crowned shape on the concave or convex flank. In contrast to the palloid method, several parameters can be changed with the cyclo-palloid method. The helix angle can be between 0° and 90° and the module size can be selected almost unlimited. Cyclo-palloid-toothed bevel gears meet the requirements for optimal running behavior to a large extent, since the length and position of the contact pattern can be calculated. The soft teeth (rough cutting and finish cutting) is usually followed by surface hardening using various methods. The lapping and drawing in pairs on special lapping machines, as with the palloid-toothed bevel gears, completes the production. Measurement protocols are available on request. The versatility of the cyclo-palloid gearing lies in the contact pattern continuity even with large quantities, the wide module range and the possibility of producing off-axis spiral bevel gears.

Cyclo-Palloid toothed bevel gearszoom
Cyclo-Palloid toothed bevel gearszoom

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