FKH / FKHA / FKHYD Flange Couplings

Flange couplings typ FKH / FKHA / FKHYD are used for the connection of shafts with the aid of a flange. The type FKH flange coupling consists of two flanged halves and thus forms a rigid connection between two shafts.

If only one flanged half is needed, STÜWE offers the type FKHA and FKD flange coupling. The FKD flange coupling is characterized by the tapered design of its flange which enables the saving of fitting tolerance and a reduction in cost and weight thanks to the elimination of one component. All flange couplings provide the possibility for the compensation of length tolerances in the system due to free positioning. Extremely high static and dynamic loads can also be safely transmitted.

Flange Couplings: FKH / FKHA / FKHYD
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Frictionally engaged connection of the flange for safe transmission of highest forces and moments, as well as avoidance of fretting corrosion in case of dynamic moments.

The flange bolts are decoupled from the clamping bolts and thus enable the transmission of higher torsional and bending moments than, for example, a clamping set of type AS.



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Baureihe Features Drehmoment min. Drehmoment max. Wellendurchmesser min. Wellendurchmesser max.
Series FKH Complete flange coupling 6 kNm 911 kNm 70 mm 350 mm
Series FKHA Flange coupling half 17 kNm 853 kNm 95 mm 320 mm
Series FKD 4 Flange coupling half, high torques and speed and extremely high bending moments 20 kNm 729 kNm 90 mm 350 mm
Series FKD 6 Flange coupling half, extremely high torques and speed and high bending moments 22 kNm 911 kNm 90 mm 350 mm

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