Shrink disc - mechanical: HSD

Shrink discs type HSD are detachable machine elements for the connection of a hub to a shaft. The two-part path-controlled frictional connection is maintenance-free and dirt-resistant due to its press fit and is very versatile in its use. The cost-effective and high-quality mechanical shrink discs are supplied in many different variants.

Shrink discs type HSD
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In order to ensure easy and safe assembly, the taper surfaces are lubricated.

The shrink disc is outside the flow of forces when the system is in operation. Only very rarely do low dynamic loads and no wear occur on the shrink disc. The shrink disc is therefore fatigue-proof when correctly designed.

The power transmission takes place directly from the shaft to the hub. The direct power flow ensures the highest transmittable forces and torques.



Series Features Transmissible torque min. Transmissible torque max. Shaft diameter min. Shaft diameter max.
Series HSD 20 Low torques 0,15 kNm 18,3 kNm 20 mm 250 mm
Series HSD 21 Average torques 16 kNm 4.033 kNm 110 mm 730 mm
Series HSD 22 High torques 0,02 kNm 16.493 kNm 9 mm 1.050 mm
Series HSD 23 Very high torques 26 kNm 19.684 kNm 100 mm 1.050 mm
Series HSD 81 As series 22 but with 20 - 30 % higher torque capacity 1,5 kNm 19.958 kNm 38 mm 1.050 mm
Series HSD 83 As series 23 but with 20 - 30 % higher torque capacity 30 kNm 23.811 kNm 100 mm 1.050 mm

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