Shaft couplings: WK / WKL

The shaft couplings type WK and WKL are suited in all cases where a secure, fixed connection between two free shaft ends with little effort is demanded. The couplings are provided for shafts with identical or differing shaft diameters and fitting tolerances. Type WKL shaft couplings are used for larger axial distances between the shaft ends. Type WK shaft couplings are suitable for smaller axial distances

Shaft couplings WK / WKL
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Gleiche oder unterschiedliche Wellendurchmesser sind möglich. 

Die Verschraubung kann bei Wellenkupplungen des Typs WKL je nach Wunsch von beiden Seiten (Bauform A) oder von einer Seiten (Bauform B) erfolgen.


Model A|B

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Baureihe Features Torque min. Torque max. Shaft diameter min. Shaft diameter max.
Series WK 12 The maximum distance of the shaft ends is 0.1 x L 0,04 kNm 7.116 kNm 9 mm 750 mm
Series WK 12, Model A Long version 0,04 kNm 7.116 kNm 9 mm 750 mm
Series WK 12, Model B Long version 0,04 kNm 7.116 Nm 9 mm 750 mm

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