Motor base MW 8

The RESATEC-MW 8 is the universal motor base for friction belt drives of 7.5 to 45 kW motors.

According to the number of belts and belt type, the base can be adjusted in a continuously variable way. It is equipped with two integrated axle stabilizers, robust and maintenance-free pretensioning device and a screw head bracket for simple and safe one-man installation. The mounting holes for all motor housing sizes (IEC 160M-225M/NEMA of 254T-365T) are already provided. The use of the motor base guarantees the optimal belt tension at any time. This means minimum maintenance and maximum efficiency through a perfect traction.

Motor base


Motor with motor basezoom


  • The time required to change the V-belt is reduced by 50%.
  • No need to realign the two drive pulleys during replacement
  • Up to four times longer belt life due to correct tensioning
  • Fewer operating interruptions and protection of the pullies, bearings and motor axles
  • Less energy consumption due to optimally tensioned V-belts
  • Accident prevention through safe and easy handling
  • All parts galvanised
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
Mounting positionzoom

The motor plate is delivered "offset" mounted. Depending on requirements, it can also be mounted centrally above the axle. Appropriate mounting holes are already provided. For an increased angle of attack (drive on top), the pre-tensioning levers can be dismantled and remounted in a 45° offset position.

Mounting positionzoom

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