Founded in 1968 – the early years-

The company Flohr was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Flohr as a technical design and engineering office in Waldshut, Baden. The company quickly established itself with drive technology customers in southern Germany and Switzerland.

1970 Founding of Flohr Industrietechnik GmbH

The expansion of activities and the increased need for investments and specialist staff led to the founding of FLOHR Industrietechnik GmbH.

1972 Pioneering sales partnerships

After intensive preparation and by being convinced of the great potential in drive technology in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we made some important and trend-setting agency contracts that were signed at the Hanover Fair in 1972. Flohr Industrietechnik GmbH was officially appointed as a representative for Lütgert & Co. GmbH the iron foundry, ZZ Drives GmbH the high-performance gearing company and Stüwe GmbH & Co. KG. the world market leader for friction connections.

1974 Expansion of in-house production

The increasing demands on performance led to the expansion of the in-house production by Flohr. Important investments in modern horizontal turning centers also led to rapid growth in the service business.

1981 Expansion of the company location in Waldshut

With the acquisition of the premises of the former Bader company, the production capacities as well the commercial trading could be further expanded with a large specific warehouse. The relocation, especially in Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland, was very successful and led to the introduction of our own standard product lines in the gearbox and clutch area.

1985 Expansion of our own assembly at Flohr

Another important milestone was set with our own assembly and service units for different manufacturers and machine builders gearboxes. The expansion of the production hall in Waldshut created many new jobs.

1992 Founding of FLOHR Industrietechnik Switzerland

The growing demand and the necessary fast support for Swiss customers led to the founding of the Swiss company headquarters in Koblenz, Aargau. To start with, an office with its own warehouse and customs clearance unit was installed.

1996 Expansion of the administration in Waldshut

The increased sales activity and the intensification of the trading business made it necessary to expand an administration department at the Waldshut location.

2005 Purchase of the majority shares in ZZ Antriebe GmbH

The intensification of the production of our own gears and gearing components led to the decision to purchase the majority shares of ZZ Antriebe GmbH. The realignment was an important strategic safeguard of the partnership and the continued focus on the company's performance in the field of manufacturing intermittent drives and special gearing for international drive technology.

2006 Son Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Flohr joins the company

The successful continuation as well as the strategic safeguarding of the future are important goals of the company. With the entry of Stefan Flohr, an important step towards securing the future and continuation of the company could be implemented early on. Stefan Flohr supports the technical field service as well as design and development in the company.

2008 Purchase of the iron foundry - Lütgert & Co. GmbH

As part of the succession planning Flohr acquires 100% of the shares in the iron foundry company Lütgert & Co. GmbH based in Gütersloh, a long standing and traditional partner. Above all, the purchase should further strengthen the orientation in the field of belt drives.

2009 Construction of the new production site in Mellikon Switzerland

Despite the difficult economic environment, an important signal was sent for the strengthening of the Swiss market with the purchase of a new industrial property in Mellikon, Switzerland. The long-planned goal was implemented with the aim to having our own production facility represented in the Swiss market. The new location in Mellikon offers jobs in administration, mechanical processing and our own assembly unit. In 2009, 28 people were employed in Mellikon.

2010 Investment in 5-axis CNC centre REIDEN RX10

To increase performance in mechanical machining, Flohr Switzerland is investing in a 5-axis milling center from long-standing customer REIDEN AG.

2010 Expansion of the sales partnership with MALMEDIE Antriebstechnik GmbH

The increased importance of high-performance clutch systems is ensured with a new strategic partnership with MALMEDIE Antriebstechnik GmbH from Solingen. In addition to using it in its own gear units, Flohr Industrietechnik is responsible for representation of MALMEDIE products in Austria and Switzerland.

2011 New sales partnership with Wolfgang Preinfalk GmbH

The increasing demand and support from customers in the area of ​​high-performance large and special gears led to the cooperation and ultimately to the expansion of the sales partnership with Wolfgang Preinfalk GmbH in St. Ingbert.

2012-2013 Expansion of further sales partnerships

The continued focus on high performance in supporting complete systems leads to us to continually search for new partners and strategic alignments within the field of drive technology.

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