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  • Gears


    Gear parts are the heart of every gearbox. This is one of the core competences of Flohr Industrietechnik.

  • Gearboxes and Components

    Gearboxes and Components

    A coherent drive concept can only be achieved if the customer can be offered the tailor-made solution from a wide range of high-quality gear units.

  • Couplings


    With our wide range of couplings, we can serve many branches of industry. The highly flexible couplings are mainly used in connection with combustion engines both in stationary and mobile applications on water, road and rail.

  • Safety couplings

    Safety couplings

    Our safety couplings are durable and flexible for use in a wide range of applications and industries.

  • Friction connections and locking assemblies

    Friction connections and locking assemblies

    Using high-precision friction connections and locking assemblies made of quenched and tempered steel, our high-quality drive technology to meet the highest requirements.

  • Clamping systems

    Clamping systems

    DESTACO clamps are among the most durable, customised clamping solutions for welding and assembly applications.

  • Grippers, rotary-actuators, linear positioning

    Grippers, rotary-actuators, linear positioning

    DESTACO's Robohand products are reliable and designed for long life and maximum production uptime.

  • End effectors

    End effectors

    DESTACO end effectors feature modular and high-strength aluminium components, heavy-duty vacuum cups and the fastest venturis.

  • Drive pulleys, cast products

    Drive pulleys, cast products

    In our world class foundry, we have concentrated on the production of rotationally symmetrical cast drive elements.

  • Motor mounting systems

    Motor mounting systems

    Motor mounting systems from FLOHR are a proven drive element for mounting electric motors for a wide variety of drives.

  • Oscillating / suspension units, tensioner devices

    Oscillating / suspension units, tensioner devices

    The simple yet convincing possibility of finding solutions to vibration and damping problems with rubber suspension units has become established in many branches of mechanical engineering.

  • Motors and Generators

    Motors and Generators

    We offer powerful DC motors for robust operating conditions in various designs and individually adapted to the respective connection and mounting conditions.

  • Sensor systems

    Sensor systems

    Precise measurements and monitoring thanks to high-quality encoder systems during commissioning, repair or maintenance.

  • Shafts and Rollers

    Shafts and Rollers

    Whether it is a matter of material selection, surface finish or processing, we manufacture shafts and rollers and rollers precisely tailored to your requirements.

  • Product search

    Product search

    Are you looking for a specific product? The search function will take you directly to the appropriate sub-page.

What you can expect from us and our products

We work according to your specific requirements
FLOHR is always tailored specifically to your requirements. With a focus on the essentials and a combination of customer-specific requirements and cost-effectiveness in the execution of our services.

Service is a top priority
The manufacture and supply of drive technology components has been our daily business for over 40 years. More and more drive components from FLOHR are in circulation with our customers. Even after delivery, your satisfaction is important to us. With our well equipped assembly and service departments for instance, we are ready for you. Regardless of whether you need maintenance or repairs, you can always rely on our team. With our know-how, we carry out repairs on all makes of equipment and for a wide variety of gear types or drive units for you. Fast, competent, reliable and on fair terms!



Quality and Safety
The relationships with our customers and suppliers is very important to us. We set high standards for our own performance in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. Quality and Safety are the focus of our work and we only use materials and parts from selected, suppliers with consistent quality.

Reliability and fail safe mode
Our products are continuously developed and adapted to the ever growing market requirements. Our drive solutions are characterised by using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. In order to ensure the reliability and high fail-safe requirements that we expect, we work continuously together with our partners on product improvements. This is the only way we can prevent damage to gearboxes and the resulting downtime and repair costs.

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