TL-bushes, TaperLock

TaperLock clamping bushes have established themselves as a simple shaft-hub connection for standard and series drives. We have the entire range of TaperLock clamping bushes - both in the standard range and in the custom range.

The products are available at short notice from stock in the standard sizes 1008 to 5050, as well as in the special sizes 6050 to 10085 in all bore diameters. Versions with inch bores or in alternative materials are also available at short notice.

Benefit from our large assortment, our extensive stock, the short-term availability and the fast production possibility for special designs from a single source.

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Clamping sets for regular assembly and dis-assembly

The TaperLock system has proven itself in standard drives where the position on the shaft is designed to be variable and the hubs are to be moved or adjusted accordingly. However, the transfer of the moments and the stability of the system with regular assembly and disassembly are limited. In this case, the use of clamping sets (frictional connections) is the better solution. The pulley design with a cylindrical bore and reinforced hub is also recommended here.

The standard material is cast iron EN-GJL-200 (GG-20) according to DIN EN 1561. Alternative materials are easily possible on customer request (EN-GJS, steel, aluminium, plastic, etc.)

Mounting TaperLock clamping bushzoom
Mounting TaperLock clamping bush
Detail TaperLock bushzoom
Detail TaperLock bush
TaperLock bushzoom
TaperLock bush

Taper Bushzoom

Your benefits

  • Optimum price-performance ratio for standard TaperLock clamping bushes
  • Available at short notice from an extensive stock
  • Flexible TaperLock system
  • Can be used with or without a keyways
  • Simple alignment of the drive, uncomplicated assembly and disassembly
  • It is possible to balance pulleys, including fitted taper clamping bushes, in grades G16, G6.3 or G2.5

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