Tacho generators

For industrial drives in heavy-duty application

TDP Tacho generators are analog transducers for instrumentation and control technology. The permanently excited tacho generators form the speed with which they are driven to a voltage proportional to that speed. Thanks to their robust design and construction TDP tacho generators are suitable for larger industrial drives. Depending on the requirements the tachogenerators are produced in customized sizes and connections as well as in a variety of voltage versions. TDP tacho generators are available with IP rating IP55 to IP67.

Tacho generator TDP

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Short info

  • Solid shaft (flange or foot-mounted), hollow shaft (A4 or hollow shaft type tacho)
  • Output signal with highly accurate linearity 10-500 V / 1000 min-1
  • Application suitable voltage version


  • Second shaft end
  • temperature compensation
  • attachment/combination with further encoders or overspeed switches
Attribute Value
Output Up to 100 W
Speed Up to 9000 rpm
Torque Up to 1 Nm
Voltage Up to 500 V
Current Up to 2.5 A
Electrical connection Terminal box
Degree of protection Up to IP67
Device options Double tacho-generators (2 electrically isolated windings, a common magnetic system)
Double tacho-generators (2 electrically isolated windings, two separate magnetic systems)
Magnetic shunt ring to adjust voltage during operations
Humid and tropical protection
Reduced voltage tolerance
Temperature compensation up to +100 °C
Winding construction for no-load voltage possible (on request)
Mechanical options Second shaft end
Special sizes in inches possible

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