Grippers, rotary-actuators and linear positioning

DESTACO's Robohand products are reliable and designed for a long life with maximum production uptime. These products are designed and manufactured for precise repeatability with minimal maintenance.

Ever since the patented series of parallel grippers was launched in 1980, the Robohand name has stood for unrivaled innovation, quality and reliability.

DESTACO's Robohand brand includes a wide range of products and solutions for all kinds of industries, such as stainless steel grippers for the food industry, miniature products for clean room applications in the pharmaceutical sector and heavy-duty material handling solutions for the automotive industry.

You will find the following gripper solutions with us:

  • Standard and precision pneumatic grippers
  • Maintenance-free electric grippers
  • Grippers for clean room technology, food production and automotive industry
  • High-quality linear movement units (guide carriages)
  • Complete series of rotary motion units (swivel units)
  • Fully automatic, sensory tool changers for robot connection


Tips for the right pneumatic gripper selection

By choosing the right gripper, you can optimise performance, uptime and safety in the long term. But to do this, all factors must be weighed up.

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  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Food and Packaging
  • Consumer Goods
  • Logistics
  • Life Sciences


  • Assembly
  • Welding
  • CNC processing
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Fixtures / Quality Assurance
  • White goods industry

Product overview

  • Parallel grippers

    Parallel grippers

    Parallel grippers as an indispensable gripper system in automated areas, from your specialist for industrial mechanics.

  • Angular grippers

    Angular grippers

    DESTACO’s directconnet technology, allows all components of these angular grippers, rotaries, and slides to be mounted together directly.

  • Sheet metal grippers

    Sheet metal grippers

    DESTACO sheet metal grippers are ideal for robotic part handling applications. The grippers are lightweight for high transfer speeds when used in stamping press applications.

  • Bag grippers

    Bag grippers

    DESTACO bag grippers offer end-of-line, pick-and-place palletizing solutions.

  • Rotaries


    DESTACO's Robohand pneumatic rotary actuators (Rotaries) are available in a wide range of models: Shaft or flange output, high or low precision, light-duty to heavy-duty.

  • Linear slides

    Linear slides

    DESTACO's Robohand Slides and Thrusters are both externally and internally powered and can be utilized in many industrial with single direction to complex X-Y-Z motion requirements.

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