Oscillating / suspension units, tensioner devices

  • Rubber suspension units

    Rubber suspension units

    Die einfache und doch überzeugende Möglichkeit mit Gummifederelementen Lösungen zu Schwingungs- und Dämpfungsproblemen zu finden, hat sich in vielen Branchen des Maschinenbaus durchgesetzt.

  • Oscillating units, vibration absorber

    Oscillating units, vibration absorber

    Vibration absorber are used to optimally support and mount vibrating machines and screens in the processing industry.

  • Tensioner devices

    Tensioner devices

    The universal tensioners are used in all industrial sectors. They are mainly used as chain and belt belt tensioners.

  • Rollers, chain riders and sprocket wheels

    Rollers, chain riders and sprocket wheels

    The optimal complement of universal tensioner devices is aligned to the specific application.

Rubber suspension units can take on several functions at the same time: cushioning, absorbing, tensioning and oscillating. Depending on the application, the rubber suspension unit element can be used in a pre-stressed manner. These properties result in an economic advantage over components with only single functions. Despite the simple system of the rubber suspension units, a wide range of products can be offered.

Areas of responsibility

The rubber suspension unit is an universal, elastic mounting for mechanical machine parts and combines a torsion spring in two acting directions in one component.

The tensioner device is a universal belt and chain tensioner and the cost-sensitive alternative to tension- and pressure springs.

The oscillating units are elastic mountings for screening machines, oscillating trough conveyors, circular oscillating screens and gyratory sifters. The rockers are used for crankshaft-driven conveying/screening/sorting systems.

The product line of the vibration absorbers offers according the building type the possibility to attenuate vibrations and shocks and in case of the rubber material an excellent solid-borne sound insolation.



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