Spiral toothed bevel gears - Klingelnberg system

With more than 100 years of experience in the production of bevel gears using the Klingelnberg system, we are one of the most efficient manufacturers in this field. Our standard range includes economical palloid gears as well as cyclo-palloid gears and HPGS gears. Depending on the application, the teeth can be hardened and then machined or lapped with high precision.

Our high-quality bevel gears using the Klingelnberg process enjoy an excellent reputation for their long service life and quality. They are used in our bevel gears, superimposed and high-speed lifting gears. In addition, they offer the best application options in numerous customer-specific tasks (e.g. machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, commercial vehicles, plant construction, etc. Depending on the degree of standardization, the fixing possibilities.

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Types of Spiral Gears

Technical data

Palloid Cyclo Palloid HPG-S
Normal modul 1-7 0,7-13 1,1-13
Pressure angle (17,5°); 20°; (22,5°) 17,5°; 20° 20°
Number of teeth 4-120 5-120 5-120
Outer diameter <400 mm <800 mm <800 mm
Shear angle 45-135° 10-135° 10-135°
Tooth width <75 mm <100 mm <100 mm
Quality DIN 3965 4-10 4-10 3-6
Material Case-hardened, nitrided, heat-treated steels and plastics
Heat treatment Case hardening, nitriding, tempering

¹(Values ​​and dimensions in brackets on request.)


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