Steel motor slide bases

Motorized slide bases made of sheet steel are a simple alternative to conventional motor mounting systems. The motor is screwed directly onto the mounted tensioning slide and the belt drive is tensioned by adjusting the steel plates on the base level of the slide. Assembly takes less time and adjustment is easier. The sleds also have advantages due to their easy handling and low weight.

The steel motor slide bases are available in two basic variants:

The Mono Plate consists of a mounting plate and cannot be adjusted to a variety of motors with differing mounting dimensions.

With the Duo Plate, the mounting plate is made of two parts and one side can slide using the adjusting screw (clamping screw). The plates move independently, allowing for some variation in motor mounting dimensions.



The surface treated with a cathodic dip coating (KTL) guarantees a long service life and problem-free use even under critical operating conditions. They are also extremely torsion-resistant due to the special design of the sheet metal profiles. Both versions can also be supplied with a galvanized surface.

A certain amount of adjustment for the attachment of different motors can also be achieved with the Mono Plate version through using different slot arrangements. Since the Mono Plate design is more stable, this design should be preferred if you know the exact mounting dimensions of the motor.

Motor slide base Mono Plate
Motor slide base Mono Plate
Motor slide base Duo Plate
Motor slide base Duo Plate
Galvanized motor slide base
Galvanized motor slide base

Your benefits

  • All components ideally matched to each other
  • Universally applicable for standardized industrial belt drives
  • Corrosion protection through KTL coating
  • Easy assembly due to low weight
  • Quick and flexible adjustment of the motor or the belt tension
  • High-quality, stabilized steel design

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