Motor slide rails "heavy version"

Massive execution for heavy applications

The trend towards larger and more powerful drives has led to an increased demand for heavier motor mounts and slide systems. The heavy-version series is the ideal addition to the motorised slide rail according to DIN 42932.

Motor slide rails “heavy version” where no DIN standard is available are manufactured in accordance with a companies own internally developed standards (WEN). Heavy version is another development of the standard version and was especially developed for particularly powerful motors and high loads. This type of slide rail offers a variety of adjustment options thanks to multi-adjustable lugs.

The Heavy version slide rails are also made of gray cast iron and therefore ensure optimal damping properties and smooth running of the drives. The Heavy version slide rails are manufactured in 5 different sizes as standard. Intermediate sizes or larger versions can be created on customer request.



Motor slide rail WEN 40 GL 1600
Motor slide rail WEN 40 GL 1600
Motor slide rail WEN 40
Motor slide rail WEN 40

Your benefits

  • Material: cast iron EN-GJL-200 (GG-20) DIN EN 1561
  • Produced according to WEN 40.003
  • Motor sizes 355 to >455
  • Sliding lengths 1,240 to 2,000 mm
  • Multiple adjustable cleats
  • Surfaces primed as standard
  • Optionally with special surface treatment / special paintwork
  • Corrosion protection according to customer specifications
  • Documentation of surface treatments

At a glance

  • Specially designed for heavy industrial belt drives
  • Maximum stability of the drive mount
  • Anti-vibration material properties
  • For attachment to machine frames or industrial floors
  • Optional accessories available: Ground anchors, galvanized screws
  • Motor fastening and tensioning screws, foundation blocks according to DIN 799

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