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DESTACO Endeffectors

For over 30 years, Destaco has provided global end effector tooling to virtually all market segments, offering turnkey design, fabrication and assembly of world-class end effector solutions. Our application engineers work with customers around the world - from concept, to order, to design - to produce a custom system for each unique application.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive industry,
  • Food and packaging
  • Industry


  • Quality assurance
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Stamping
  • Lightweight tooling for end effectors

    Lightweight tooling for end effectors

    The DESTACO Accelerate Collection® of Lightweight End Effector Tooling is a reduced-weight end effector designed to help you move parts faster in today's high-speed automation.

  • Round tooling for end effectors

    Round tooling for end effectors

    DESTACO’s Round Tooling End Effectors are the most widely used, economical and user-friendly modular tooling system for high volume, high speed applications.

  • SpiderGrip end effectors

    SpiderGrip end effectors

    SpiderGrip is a modular, non-adjustable end effector solution engineered for high-precision, heavy-duty geometry setting applications.

  • BodyBuilder end effectors

    BodyBuilder end effectors

    BodyBuilder™ is a modular, adjustable end effector solution engineered for heavy duty applications.

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