Special gears - large gears

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we have to offer the best solution for every application. In addition to our modern in-house production, well-founded know-how and motivated employees, this can only be achieved with efficient partners.

The specifications for customer-specific special gears are constantly growing. The updating of key components, increasing demands on service life, wear and tear and material are just a few examples.

We would be happy to advise you on all of your gearbox requirements.

Windenergie, Pitchgetriebe1
Windenergie, Pitchgetriebe
Conveyer Steine, Erden2
Conveyer Steine, Erden

In the field of special and large gears, FLOHR is a partner of WOLFGANG PREINFALK GmbH from St. Ingbert. Here we appear both as customers and as suppliers of spiral gears and that is not the only reason why we complement them well. FLOHR now acts as a representative for Wolfgang Preinfalk GmbH in Switzerland, Austria and Southern Germany.

For FLOHR, this co-operation is perfectly complemented by the sale of the products from some of our other partner companies such as STÜWE and MALMEDIE, which are also a part of the same systems many of our customers use.

The customer therefore receives the best advice from a single source, which includes several products. Interface problems as well as service or repairs can be handled much faster and easier as a result.

Important features of the special gears

  • Gear solutions up to 25 t unit weight
  • Gear cutting and heat treatment all done internally
  • Gear grinding up to 1,600mm also done internally
  • Economic series production as well as customer-specific individual production
  • Many years of experience in drive technology
  • Worldwide service and repair network
  • Design, advice and implementation

Sectors Served

  • Conveyor systems
  • Breaker
  • Rotary kilns
  • Extruder
  • Cranes
  • Fans
  • Mills
  • Presses
  • Reactors
  • Agitators
  • Bucket wheel excavators
  • Ships
  • Turbines
  • Rolling mills
Service und Wartung

Repair and services

The quality of our gearboxes is an important part of our philosophy. We try to design our gearboxes according to the needs of our customers in such a way that we meet both the requirements for performance and economy.

For FLOHR, however, customer service does not end with the handover of the product. Each of our gearboxes is well documented and should give you a long service life. We also offer a full repair and maintenance service for all of our gearboxes.

In order to be able to provide any type of repair and service as quickly as possible, we offer our customers a well thought-out service strategy, which also includes the storage of special parts and a rolling exchange of strategically relevant parts. In conjunction with this, we offer a repair, maintenance and service for all of our customers' transmissions, irrespective of brand. With a quick and professional damage analysis, you will immediately receive a cost estimate for the necessary repair measures. After approval, we guarantee reliable processing of the repair or service order.

Thanks to our service strategy, we have already had very good experiences with our customers. Together with you, we agree on maintenance intervals in order to prevent damage and reduce downtimes to a minimum. However, should an unscheduled problem occur, you will be immediately supported by our team.

Talk to us about the service and maintenance concepts - we will be happy to support you with your planning!


Retrofitting and optimisation

We also take care of your old gearboxes, no matter what make, through expert assessment, repair and technical modifications. We benefit from our decades of experience in the field of gearbox construction and the associated know-how.

If required, we also carry out gear inspections. In doing so, we create precise analyses of the condition of the gearbox and can thus detect problems or damage at an early stage.

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