Motor mounting systems

Our motor mounting systems are a tried and tested element for the safe mounting of electric motors of the most varied drive types, motor sizes and outputs.

Motor with motor clamping rail and belt drive

Cast iron versions are preferable with high stability and good damping. Slide rails or motor slides made of steel are more economical and may be sufficient for simple applications.


  • Motor slide rails DIN 42923

    Motor slide rails DIN 42923

    The most common motor slide unit is the motor clamping rail according to DIN 42923. The "DIN slide rail" is characterized by the optimised product properties and a large variety of designs.

  • Motor slide rails "light version"

    Motor slide rails "light version"

    The motor slide rails "light version" is similar to the DIN 42932 standard, but some dimensions do differ from the standard slide rail.

  • Motor slide rails WEN "heavy version"

    Motor slide rails WEN "heavy version"

    The trend towards larger and more powerful drives has led to an increased demand for heavier motor mounts and clamping systems. The heavy-version series is the ideal addition to the motorised slide rail according to DIN 42932.

  • Steel motor slide rails

    Steel motor slide rails

    Motor slide rails made of sheet steel are the inexpensive variant for standard belt drives. The high-quality galvanized surface guarantees corrosion resistance and durability.

  • Motor slide bases

    Motor slide bases

    Motor slide bases made of sheet steel are a simple alternative to conventional clamping rails. The motor is screwed directly onto the mounted tensioning slide and the belt drive is tensioned by adjusting the steel plates on the base level of the slide.

  • Motor bases

    Motor bases

    The ideal belt tension in the drive at all times and ideally equipped in terms of easy installation, maintenance, costs and wear, with a high-quality motor base.

Industries and areas of application

  • Crushing technology, crusher
  • Conveyor technology, recycling
  • Mills and mixing technology
  • Pumps and compressors
  • General Engineering

Individual production and stockpiling of standard products

With a low degree of standardisation, FLOHR's mounting elements are cast from grey cast iron in its own factory in Germany and then machined. Commercially available motor mounting systems can be supplied directly in larger quantities through cooperation with sales partners. We have a large stock of all types and can usually deliver directly from stock.

We will be happy to support you in the optimal selection of your motor mounting systems.


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