Gear components are at the heart of every transmission. This is one of the core competencies of FLOHR Industrietechnik GmbH. Almost every complex drive unit relies on different types of gear components depending upon the required function, power transmission and performance.

For FLOHR, gears are indispensable as customer-specific drive elements or as the core element of our own gearboxes and drive units. Many years of experience in the use, design and application of high-quality gear knowledge is our great strength. Our goal is to find the best solution in conjunction with our customers. We believe that we are the best positioned company to support our customers with their complex solutions, particularly given the ever-increasing demands on power transmission and the cost-effectiveness of drives.


  • Spiral toothed bevel gears - Klingelnberg system

    Spiral toothed bevel gears - Klingelnberg system

    With more than 100 years of experience in the production of bevel gears using the Klingelnberg system, we are one of the most efficient manufacturers in this field.

  • Worm gears

    Worm gears

    The high-performance worm wheel needs the right worm wheel gearing to deliver the highest precision. Find out more about simplex and duplex gearing.

  • Spur gears

     Spur gears

    Flohr Industrietechnik is not only familiar with manufacturing, but with the most modern measuring machines is also able to document the required quality

  • Hirth-tooth profile (ground)

    Hirth-tooth profile (ground)

    The traditionally proven Hirth toothing allows the precise connection of shafts, wheels or cranks due to its self-centring face coupling toothing.

  • Special gears

    Special gears

    For special applications, a gear geometry can alternatively be produced using the free-form milling process. The pitch accuracy is absolutely sufficient for most applications.

Gear types

The optimal gearing is selected according to requirements. Important considerations are the desired type of shaft arrangement, the size of the gear ratio, the power requirement (module), the space limitation and other relevant factors

    • Spiral gear system Klingelnberg (Palloid, Cyclo-Palloid and HPGS)
    • Worm gears (standard or high-precision low-backlash versions)
    • Spur gears (up to module 30 and a diameter of approx. 3,800mm)
    • Internal gearing and special gearing – ground teeth
    • Herringbone and special gearing

The increasing expectations of economy with maximum performance are constantly setting new standards from our customers. We see ourselves challenged here and gladly accept this challenge to find and optimize specific or standard solutions together with our customers.

Gears from FLOHR are used in our own high-quality gear series. Above all, we use the gearing for the bevel gearboxes, differential gearboxesand high-speed lifting gearboxes as well as customer-specific combinations. Among our customers are well-known companies from the fields of machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, commercial vehicles, plant construction and general mechanical engineering.

Overview of gear types - geometry and manufacturing options


Type of gearing Version Module from - to Ø-Max.


Spur gearing Standard, ground 1,5-30 3.850 mm


Internal gearing, internal teeth Standard, ground 1,5-30 1.450 mm


Spiral gearing Klingelnberg system Palloid, Cyclo-Palloid, HPGS up to 13 1.200 mm


Bevel gears Straight teeth up to 15 1.200 mm


Worm wheels
24 2.000 mm


Worm shafts Standard, ground, low backlash 24


Racks Standard, ground 30


Hirth-gears Standard, ground
850 mm

Areas of application

Schweiß- technik
Verpackungs- technik
Werkzeug- maschinen
    • Heavy engineering
    • Train drives
    • Conveyor technology
    • Machine tools
    • Other areas of drive technology

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