Balls torque limiters

Balls torque limiters

Safety coupling with the transmission of motion by means of hardened balls inserted directly in the drive element, obtaining a simple, compact and competitive device. The disengagement occurs quickly and safely allowing the stop of the transmission if the calibrated torque is exceeded.

  • Protects the product from damage or wrong positioning
  • Protect the gear motor from accidental product collisions
  • Protect the drive against bumps or limit
  • Protects conveyor belts in case of product collisions

On request

  • Complete with drive component or personalized plate wheel
  • Possibility of connections with locking assembly or other types of locking
  • Possibility of surface treatments
  • Personalized version with re-engagement in phase at 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°…


Short info

  • Reduced torsional backlash by ball drive
  • Maintenance free for long lasstng, high reliability
  • Version with 360° phase re-engagement available
  • Model available only with plate wheel or other transmission component
  • Innovative calibration system for an immediate calibration of the device
  • Possibility of combining a microswitch / proximity to stop the drive
  • Suitable for use in damp and oily environments

Main applications

  • Filling machines
  • Metal chip conveyors
  • Automatic conveyor belts
  • Winches

Combination variants with coupling

Basic modelzoom

Basic model EDF/F

for drive with platewheel or pulley, with parallel shafts

Torque 7,5 to 1.450 Nm
Maximum bore 55 mm

Version with chain couplingzoom

Version with chain coupling EDF/F/TAC

in-line shaft connection, simple and economic

Torque 7,5 to 1.450 Nm
Maximum bore 80 mm


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