CNC-Milling / Drilling


As a manufacturer of complex production parts such as flat cams, Globoid cams or shell and barrel cams, we are able to produce parts with outer diameters of up to 1,800mm and heights of up to 1,400mm. All with high production accuracy and optimum surface finish on state-of-the-art CNC full-portal milling machines.

The manufacturing processes are suitable for the production of rotationally symmetrical bodies such as curves, as well as for complex surfaces used in tool and mould making. With a tool table clamping size of 4000 mm x 2000 mm, even large-volume production parts can be easily machined.

Our complex cam geometries are all made on our machines. We are happy to pass on the experience we have gained in order to achieve optimum milling results for our customers as well.



Excerpt machine overview

Type Manufacturer X-Axis Y-Axis Z-Axis Procedure
RX 10 Reiden 1000 mm 1100 mm 810 mm 5-axis CNC milling centre
DMU 80 DECKEL MAHO 880 mm 630 mm 630 mm CNC machining centre
DMC 85V DECKEL MAHO 850 mm 630 mm 500 mm Hard milling, CNC machining centre
DMU 125P DECKEL MAHO 1250 mm 880 mm 800 mm 5-axis, CNC machining centre
DMC 635 DECKEL MAHO 635 mm 510 mm 460 mm CNC machining centre
U 740 Hermle 915 mm 500 mm 500 mm 5-Achsen Bearbeitungszentrum
U 1000 Hermle 1000 mm 630 mm 550 mm CNC machining centre, universal milling machine
VTC 200 B MAZAK 1120 mm 510 mm 510 mm CNC machining centre
NEXUS YAMAZAKI 1000 mm 500 mm 500 mm CNC machining centre
NT 4300/1000 Mori Seiki 750 mm 210 mm 1120 mm 5-axis CNC turn-mill centre
B90T Wotan 800 mm 800 mm 800 mm Boring mill
VPZ 04 160/160 SSB 1600 mm 1600 mm 800 mm CNC drilling, turning and milling machine
Type Manufacturer Max. Ø Max. lenght Procedure
KFV 600 Präwema 400 mm 400 mm Cylinder, Axial, Radial / 4-axis cam milling and grinding machine
KFG 500 Präwema 500 mm 400 mm Globoid / 5-axis milling and grinding machine
KFV 600/1 Präwema 620 mm 500 mm Axial, radial milling and grinding machine
P 160 Pfauter 150 mm 500 mm Spline shaft milling machine
ZFWVG 250/3 WMW 3000 mm 300 mm Spline shaft milling machine
Type Manufacturer Max. Ø Max. module Procedure
PE 150 Pfauter 150 mm 3 Milling machine
LS 252 Liebherr 300 mm 6 Milling machine
SN 5 Lorenz 300 mm 6 Milling machine
PE 300 Pfauter 300 mm 8 Milling machine
P 900 Pfauter 900 mm 10 Milling machine
153, 180 ,173 Koepfer 140 mm 10 Milling machine
L 902 Liebherr 900 mm 12 Milling machine
315 CNC MODUL ZWFZ 420 mm 12 Milling machine
P 1250 Pfauter 1250 mm 16 Milling machine
TSM EGW 1670 mm 8 Rack milling machine
L 79 Pfauter 2150 mm 16 Rack milling machine
Machining special geometry millingzoom
Insert hole pattern at SSB milling centrezoom
Inserting the milling contour on a high-precision rotor partzoom
Insert hole pattern at SSB milling centrezoom
Insert hole pattern on special disc (Ø 2.400mm)zoom
Free-form machining on high-strength super duplex housingzoom
Drilling for mass balancing in the balancing processzoom
Turning and drilling machining in one clampingzoom
Insertion of a highly accurate milling contour on the designed drive partzoom
Thread cutting of a special disczoom
Manufacture of high-precision roller stars for stepping gears (packaging machine application)zoom
Bore pattern for mill drive wheelzoom

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