With our wide range of couplings, we can serve many branches of industry. The highly flexible couplings are mainly used in connection with combustion engines both in stationary and mobile applications on water, road and rail. Elastic and torsionally rigid coupling systems are used in general mechanical engineering, in conveyor technology and in aggregate construction.

Our extensive stock of standard products is designed to provide our customers with fast and competent solutions and products. In addition we use these in our own drives, the wide range and high flexibility speak for our specific applications.


  • Rigid coupling

    Rigid coupling

    The rigid couplings have been designed and manufactured to connect two shafts of the same diameter but without allowing any relevant misalignment.

  • Clamp coupling DIN115

    Clamp coupling DIN115

    The clamp coupling according to DIN115 is a torsionally rigid shaft connection with various advantages. The coupling can absorb impacts and radial or axial loads exceptionally well.

  • Flange coupling DIN 116

    Flange coupling DIN 116

    Flange couplings DIN 116 are torsionally rigid, particularly robust and reliable shaft connections that can withstand impacts and radial or axial loads.

  • Jaw coupling

    Jaw coupling

    The coupling is an elastomeric coupling with compact dimensions composed of two hubs made in steel, fully turned and one elastomeric element.

  • Metall bellow coupling

    Metall bellow coupling

    The bellow couplings have been designed and manufactured for all applications requiring excellent dynamic characteristics, necessary for high speeds, fast reversing and, at the same time, torsional rigidity with low inertia without compromising the high reliability.

  • Compact elastic coupling

    Compact elastic coupling

    Compact flexible and protected coupling that can be serviced without having to remove the coupling from the gearbox.

  • Polynorm-coupling


    Poly couplings are flexible jaw couplings with elastomer elements that have small dimensions and weights, but can transmitt large torques.

  • MEGIFLEX Shaft coupling

    MEGIFLEX Shaft coupling

    The MEGIFLEX shaft coupling is a component of the proven and successful MEGIFLEX system. The torsionally rigid coupling has hubs made of high-quality steel, precisely machined on all sides and very versatile and adaptable.

  • VEBOFLEX Coupling

    VEBOFLEX Coupling

    VEBOFLEX couplings are used as compensating couplings where absolutely reliable torque transmission is required. The flexible couplings cover a wide range of requirements with their designs.

  • Chain coupling

    Chain coupling

    The chain coupling consists of two steel sprockets, machined and connected by a double chain. The manufacture of the coupling completely in steel allows to use at high temperatures and reduce the loss of power between the driving and driven.

  • Gear coupling

    Gear coupling

    Gear coupling specially developed to work wear-free; this is possible due to the polyamide sleeve. Very well suited to compensate for high axial misalignments.

  • Steel lamina coupling

     Steel lamina coupling

    The steel lamina coupling was specially developed for applications where reliable and maintenance-free torque transmission with simultaneous shaft misalignment is required.

  • MALMEDIE Drum coupling

    MALMEDIE Drum coupling

    As a connection between rope drum and gearbox, our Drum-Couplings can transmit high torques with small dimensions and weights.

  • Gear coupling, gear joint spindle

    Gear coupling, gear joint spindle

    Gear couplings are designed with crowned teeth and are used where torque must be transmitted with shaft connections that can move freely in three dimensions (angular, radial and axial).

  • MALMEDIE Flange coupling

    MALMEDIE Flange coupling

    The flange coupling series "S" is a modular system that has “interchangeable” inserts, each of a different mechanical style.

Industries and areas of application

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Advice on the best coupling solutions

Our vast range of couplings should cover most customer requirements in drive technology. We would be happy to advise you individually in order to convince you of the respective advantages of the drive solution. Please contact us if you have further questions. We will find your optimal solution!

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