Safety couplings

The torque limiters (safety couplings) of our partner ComInTec are mechanical components necessary to fit along the kinematic chain and are preferred to electronic safety devices because of a better response time, improved reliability, excellent configuration flexibility, easy fitting and adjustment, use at high speeds in hard environments in the presence of inertias and important masses.

In fact the electronic systems, which normally act up to the transmission, present: delayed reaction time, many factors as a source of error, configuration and management complexity.

The fitting of the mechanical torque limiters along the kinematic chain is therefore necessary for a reliable and complete protection, in order to improve the level of safety and the machine, according to the new EN ISO 13489-1 standards, reducing the average possible broken-down and unproductive downtime.


  • Long service life and consistent reliability
  • Optimum protection against external influences
  • Easy mounting in coaxial or parallel transmissions
  • Easy torque adjustment
  • Extremely precise response accuracy
  • Versatile adaptability to customer-specific requirements
  • Friction torque limiters

    Friction torque limiters

    Sliding safety coupling where a plate wheel, pulley or other transmission component is interposed between two friction rings. Upon reaching the torque sliding ensures continuity in the transmission without damaging the components. The minimum to have a low cost protection.

  • Balls torque limiters

    Balls torque limiters

    Safety coupling with the transmission of motion by means of hardened balls inserted directly in the drive element, obtaining a simple, compact and competitive device. The disengagement occurs quickly and safely allowing the stop of the transmission if the calibrated torque is exceeded.

  • Balls torque limiters (backlash free)

    Balls torque limiters (backlash free)

    A ball safety coupling with high technology and precision. Provides backlash free transmission of motion with high sensitivity of reaction and an immediate release without peak load prior to release. The device can be adjusted by changing the pressure of the springs in the negative.

  • Rollers torque limiter

    Rollers torque limiter

    Safety coupling with the transmission of motion through rollers that allow complete disengagement when the calibrated torque is reached permitting a quick stop of the transmission due to micro-EM1. Suitable for transmitting high torque with high reliability and compact size.

  • Torque limiter free rotation

    Torque limiter free rotation

    A backlash free safety coupling with free rotati on and no residual torque suitable for high speed transmission. The disengagement is instantaneous once the torque is reached, the calibrati on is adjusted by changing the pressure of the springs. The re-engagement is manual, quick and reliable.

  • Torque limiter for reducers

    Torque limiter for reducers

    Safety coupling to be mounted between the motor and gear unit thus reducing significantly the size of the device at the same power output. Available in both slip that release versions.

  • Modular torque limiters

    Modular torque limiters

    Modular safety coupling, robust, suitable for “heavy industries” even at high speeds. After disconnection there is free rotation without residual torque, re-engagement is simple and manual.

  • Axial force limiters

    Axial force limiters

    Safety coupling with linear limitation of force. The axial disengagement can take place in both compression and tension once the calibrated force is reached, the re-engagement is automatic.

  • Pneumatic clutches

    Pneumatic clutches

    A friction clutch or roller with torque adjustment even during operation. Ability to disengage the drive and driven by pneumatic or electrical impulse. Low residual torque after disengagement. Calibration adjustable by changing the pressure (pneumatic) air supply.

  • MALMEDIE Safety couplings

    MALMEDIE Safety couplings

    Proven under very difficult application conditions, the function of MALMEDIE safety couplings is characterised by high precision of disengagement recurrences and rapid easy reset!

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