Modular torque limiters

Modular torque limiters

Modular safety coupling, robust, suitable for “heavy industries” even at high speeds. After disconnection there is free rotation without residual torque, re-engagement is simple and manual.

  • Product protection in case of overload
  • Protection of operating units of machines in case of a collision
  • Protection of the drive from external overloads
  • Protecting conveyor belt stoppages

On request

  • Overload signal ring
  • Possibility of fitting with finished bore and keyway or locking assembly
  • Possibility of surface anticorrosive treatments for specific requirements


Short info

  • Made in steel fully turned, with high mechanical strength
  • Free rotation after disengagement without residual torque
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • Protected from external agents
  • Suitable for high rotation speeds and high inertias
  • Simple system of calibraton and re-engagement
  • Compact and robust design

Main applications

  • Extruders and mills
  • Mining industry and transporters
  • Heavy industry
  • Earthmoving machines and shredding/crushing machines

Combination variants with coupling

Basic modelzoom

Basic model DSM

Torque 200 to 9.000 Nm
Maximum bore 140 mm

for transmission to parallel shafts with plate wheel, gear or pulleys

Version with jaw couplingzoom

Version with jaw coupling DSM/GAS

Torque 200 to 9.000 Nm
Maximum bore 140 mm

coaxial connection with elastic coupling to absorb start-up torque and vibration

Version with torsional rigid couplingzoom

Version with torsional rigid coupling DSM/GTR

Torque 200 to 9.000 Nm
Maximum bore 140 mm

coaxial connection with torsionally rigid disc coupling for backlash free transmission


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