Friction torque limiters

Friction torque limiter

Sliding safety coupling where a plate wheel, pulley or other transmission component is interposed between two friction rings. Upon reaching the torque sliding ensures conti nuity in the transmission without damaging the components. The minimum to have a low cost protection.

  • Protects the motor-gearbox in case of accidental collision
  • Protects the film of wrapping machines in case of higher tension
  • Absorbs static torques without disengaging
  • Protects the gear in case of short product jam

On request

  • Complete with transmission gear, fully turned and mounted (plate wheel, pulley, gear pair)
  • Possibility of connections with bore and keyway, locking assembly or other locking systems
  • Anti-corrosive surface treatments


Short info

  • Simple and economic friction torque limiter
  • Suitable for dusty conditions without need of timing between gearbox and output
  • Silent overload without vibration
  • Protection in both rotation directions
  • Asbestos-free friction discs
  • Simple and precise torque setting by adjusting the locking ring
  • Innovative calibration system for an immediate calibration of the device

Main applications

  • Forming machines
  • Conveyors
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural machines, woodworking machines

Combination variants with coupling

Basic modelzoom

Basic model DF

for parallel shaft transmission, with plate wheels, gear pairs or pulleys.

Torque 1 to 23.000 Nm
Maximum bore 140 mm

Version with chain coupling zoom

Version with chain coupling DF-TAC

in-line shaft connection, simple and economic.

Torque 1 to 23.000 Nm
Maximum bore 160 mm

Version with flexible couplingzoom

Version with flexible coupling DF-GEC

in-line shaft connection with compact elastic coupling.

Torque 1 to 23.000 Nm
Maximum bore 160 mm

Version with jaw couplingzoom

Version with jaw coupling DF-GAS

In-line shaft connection with elastic coupling with high misalignments.


Torque 1 to 9.600 Nm
Maximum bore 125 mm

Intervention sigmaling versionzoom

Intervention sigmaling version DF-SI

Electromechanical overload signaling. Automatic re-engaging after transmission reset.

Torque 3 to 23.000 Nm
Maximum bore 145 mm


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