Pneumatic power clamps

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DESTACO's pneumatic power clamps range from heavy duty sealed clamps for welding environments, to compact light duty clamps for a variety of clamping applications. These toggle-action pneumatic clamps offer exceptional clamping forces and holding capacities, far greater than clamps of a similar size. Models available include: manual power clamps, pneumatic power clamps, hook pin clamps, pivot units, and pin packages.

DESTACO pneumatic clamps use air-actuated cylinders to operate the clamping action. They are ideal for quick clamping in repetitive production operations, and yet are portable and economical to use on short run jobs with temporary fixturing.


  • Automobilindustrie
  • Luft- und Raumfahrt
  • Nahrungsmittel und Verpackung


  • Quality assurance
  • Welding
  • CNC manufacturing
  • Pneumatic hook pin clamps

    Pneumatic hook pin clamps

    Destaco’s pneumatic pin clamps and packages are implemented in automotive manufacturing, sheet processing industry, jig and general mechanical engineering applications.

  • Pneumatic pin packages

    Pneumatic pin packages

    Destaco pin packages are primarily used in the automotive industry as a precision locating device to locate sheet metal parts for weld assembly.

  • Pivot units

    Pivot units

    Destaco's pivot units are used to bring parts and tools into the correct machining position by tilting, depositing or rotating.

  • Pneumatic heavy-duty power camps

    Pneumatic heavy-duty power camps

    DESTACO's Pneumatic Power Clamps range from heavy-duty sealed clamps for welding environments to compact light-duty clamps for a variety of clamping, gripping and locating applications.

  • Pneumatic power cylinders

    Pneumatic power cylinders

    Destaco Pneumatic Power Cylinders can provide over 13,000lbf (60kN) of rod force in a simple double acting pneumatics-only package.

  • Guides and lifters

    Guides and lifters

    Our newest line of precision guides and lifters, when used with DESTACO power clamps and pin packages, provides customers flexibility in body-in-white applications.

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