Accessories and measurement technology for drive belts

In addition to the quality of the belt, professional assembly and regular maintenance are particularly important for reliable power transmission from the drive belt.

Only a perfectly adjusted belt drive achieves efficient performance. Accurate pulley alignment and belt tension results in less wear on pulleys, belts, bearings and seals. The vibration intensity is also reduced. More efficiency also means lower energy costs. The measuring tools pay for themselves within just a few months.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Professional tools for assembly, maintenance and control
  • Long service life of the belt
  • Safe plant operation through reliable verification results
  • Ease of use
  • Different designs depending on the intensity of use
  • LüCo LaserPro©

    LüCo LaserPro©

    The LüCo LaserPro measuring tool facilitates the professional alignment of the pulleys, the installation of the drive belt and is helpful for maintenance documentation.

  • LüCo TensionPro2©

    LüCo TensionPro2©

    With the LüCo TensionPro© a quick, easy and at the same time exact measurement of the suitable belt pre-tension is possible.

  • LüCo Service-Kit

    LüCo Service-Kit

    The practical hard case contains a complete set of tools required for professional maintenance of belt drives.

belt tensioner

Use of vibration dampers and belt tensioners

The tension roller drive is used with small center distances and large transmission ratios when the open belt drive can no longer be used due to the small angle of contact of the small pulley. A tensioning pulley is inserted into the slack side, which tensions the belt with its own weight, tensioning weights or spring force.

More information on vibrationdampers and belt tensioners.


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