Spur gears / internal gears

Spur gears with high quality requirements are part of Flohr's range of products. The spur gears can be supplied in the ground version with DIN standards 4-5 and, if selected, you have an option for the in DIN standard 3. Flohr Industrietechnik is not only familiar with the production, but is also able to document the required quality standards with the most modern measuring machines.

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The production of gears has been the core of our business development for over 40 years. The focus is on providing our customers with the best possible advice when selecting the right types of gearing. We see our task and competence in a joint development with the customer. The focus here is on cost-effectiveness with the highest level of quality.

In our own gears, we depend on the high reliability of our gears and we are happy to pass on this know-how and many years of experience in drive technology to our customers.

Achievements and competencies

Depending on the application and performance requirements, we will select the best gearing for you. Important considerations are the required type of shaft arrangement, the size of the gear ratio, the power requirement (module), the space limitations and other relevant factors.

  • Highest quality and precision
  • 4 DIN 3695 quality standards
  • Manufactured according to master wheels or samples
  • Measurement technology and test documentation according to customer specifications
  • Economy and efficiency are an important prerequisite Advice and design for our customers
  • Surface treatment and finishing
  • Advice on the optimal choice of geometry and heat treatment

Applications and Industries

Our gears are used in all areas of mechanical drive technology. Different customers purchase gearboxes or individual gear components and drive elements from us.

Depending on the status of the development, we normally take care of the design and the selection of the best solution for our customers.
What is often interesting here is our ability to manufacture in our own foundry or to manufacture belt drives, which can be used in addition to or as an alternative to the classic gear drive.



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