Shafts and Rollers


No matter how different the fields of application and uses may be, we offer you the right shaft and roller solution. We manufacture individual pieces (prototypes) and small batches that are precisely tailored to your requirements in terms of material selection, surface finish or processing.


  • Shafts in all designs
  • A Variety of different heat treatments - also partial hardening
  • Manufactured from soft or hardened primary material
  • High precision turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations
  • Designs with journals, threads, milled surfaces, face bores
  • Deep-hole drilled versions


  • Work rolls (e.g. skin pass rolls, scale break rolls, feed or back-up rolls)
  • Straightening rolls (e.g. intermediate rolls, draw-in or stretching rolls)
  • Partial hardening possible
  • High-precision turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations
  • High dimensional accuracy with simultaneous adherence to shape and position tolerances



Shafts and Rollers
Shafts and Rollers
Shafts and Rollers

Geometry | Manufacturing possibilities

  • Turning and grinding up to a maximum length of 4,000 mm
  • Machined diameters from 8 mm to 500 mm
  • Hardening up to 3,000 mm / larger dimensions or special geometries by arrangement

Surface finish | Tolerances

  • Surface finish up to Ra 0.025 µm possible
  • Diameters in h6 are standard
  • Diameters in h5 and h4 available
  • Straightness up to 5 μm/m
  • Surface finish Ra up to 0.025 μm, Rz 0.1 μm
  • Concentricity up to 3 μm


  • All commercial shaft materials available
  • Also special materials such as Cf53, 90MnCrV8
  • Or according to specific customer requirements

Heat treatment | Coating

  • Inductive surface hardening, hardening depth 4 - 6 mm
  • Tempering and stress relieving
  • Various coating options for improvement of the properties
Machining of shafts and rollers
Machining of shafts and rollers
Machining of shafts and rollers

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