MALMEDIE Safety couplings

Proven under very difficult application conditions, the function of MALMEDIE safety couplings is characterised by high precision of disengagement recurrences and rapid easy reset!

Thus the drive components of equipment can, on the one hand, be effectively protected from damage due to overload, and on the other hand lost production time can be significantly reduced. Unlike shear pins or shear rings, the safety-elements are not destroyed when disengagement is triggered, and can quickly be reactivated with the simplest tools, such as a hammer.

If needed, two or more safety-elements can be used for form-fitted and tensionally locked connection of two coupling flanges.

Optional automatic re-engagement is availale.

safety coupling
Safety coupling
Safety coupling


Main applications

  • Rolling Mills
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Mining
  • Chemical Industry
  • Container Cranes (SOS)

Main applications

  • The possible variation in the number and size of the safety elements and of the effective diameter means that the maximum release (shut-off) torque can be selected almost without limit.
  • The individual safety element cannot be overloadedif correctly chosen.
  • Exsisting shear-pin couplings can be replaced by MALMEDIE Safety-Couplings.


II 2 G T4/TS/T6 -20°C <= Ta <= +65°C/+55°C/+40°C
II 2 D T100°C

Size Shut-off force / safety element (N) Fu min Shut-off force / safety element (N) Fu max
10 5.435 13.180
20 15.700 36.724
30 81.853 185.264
40 264.838 511.542

Overriding features of the safety couplings

  • High load capacity / robust design
  • High switch-off accuracy
  • Quick and easy re-engagement (also remote controlled)
  • Maintenance-free / long service life
  • Low costs due to short downtimes
  • Suitable for reversing operation
  • Releasing
  • Optionally with automatic wear indicator
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to RL 94/9/EG

Quality and Manufacturing

All safety coupling parts are manufactured according to strict internal quality control procedures. Modern CNC manufacturing technology ensures the interchangeability of individual parts. All power-transmitting clutch parts are made of high-quality heat-treated steel. Wear is reduced through the precise selection of materials and appropriate hardening processes.

Qualität und Fertigung

Structure and Characteristics

When the safety overload process is triggered, the safety assemblies are not destroyed and can be quickly reactivated using simple tools such as a plastic hammer. In contrast to shear pins or shear rings which need to be replaced. Depending on requirements, two or more safety assemblies can be used for the connection of the two coupling flanges. Despite their compact design, the safety assemblies transmit more than adequate axial torque when they are engaged.

Axial forces. These must be absorbed by a special, precise and stable bearing arrangement on the two coupling flanges and must kept away from the connected drive parts - such as motor, gearbox, etc.

Aufbau und Charakteristik

The MALMEDIE safety couplings are suitable for use in forward or reverse operation. Due to the complexity of the applications, MALMEDIE safety couplings are almost exclusively adapted to customer requirements. Only the safety elements are standard parts.

Principle sketch - safety coupling

Design, calculation

Each safety coupling is controlled with high precision due to the design of the safety elements. The design and calculation of the coupling is done specifically according to your application. Alternatively, you can of course select the suitable element from our programme. We will be happy to support you in the selection of the coupling.

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