CNC- Grinding (jig grinding and cylindrical grinding)


One of our core competencies is CNC grinding. Here we are able to offer diameters up to 1,000 mm with medium and longer grinding lengths. Our two grinding machines from KEHREN with a quadruple grinding head, in which both vitrified bonded grinding wheels and borazon-coated (KBN) grinding wheels are used, have proven their worth. The rotary table enables the machine to produce rotationally symmetrical bodies such as discs, curves or cylinders using the external and internal cylindrical grinding process. Here we produce a large part of our complex curve geometries in an air-conditioned environment.

With our STUDER and WEISS grinding machines, we are able to process diameters of up to 400 mm quickly and reliably. Our machines are used primarily for shafts and bearing journals and develop high performance with good economic efficiency.



Excerpt machine overview

Type Manufacturer Max. Ø Max. lenght Procedure
Ri 5-3 CNC 4355 Kehren 800 mm 600 mm 3 Spindle CNC Grinding Machine
Ri 6-4 CNC 4355 Kehren 1000 mm 700 mm 4 Spindle CNC Grinding Machine
S 40 Studer 340 mm 650 mm CNC external cylindrical grinding machine
S 33-1000 Studer 350 mm 1000 mm CNC external cylindrical grinding machine
WEISS 360 mm 1000 mm Cylindrical grinding machines, internal grinding device up to ø 130 mm
Type Manufacturer Max. Ø Max. modul Procedure
NZA Reishauer 330 mm 6 Tooth flank grinding machine
RZ 150, 300, 400 Reishauer 400 mm 6 Tooth flank grinding machine
CNC-M. SMS 300 mm 6 Tooth flank grinding machine
RZ 820, 1000 Reishauer 1000 mm 10 Tooth flank grinding machine
VAS 432 Kapp 300 mm 12 Tooth flank grinding machine
VUS 55 (P) Kapp 500 mm 16 Tooth flank grinding machine
GA 2500 Cincinnati 250 x 800 mm 1,2 - 10 Worm grinding machine
HELIX Höfler 400 10 CNC tooth flank grinding machine
Cylindrical grinding of precision shafts using the plunge-cut method (twist-free)zoom
Coordinate grinding of bevel gearszoom
Coordinate grinding of a Hirth gear using the plunge-cut method zoom
Cylindrical grinding machine STUDER for machining gear shaftszoom

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