Drive pulleys, cast products

Drive pulleys

In our world class foundry, we have concentrated on the production of rotationally symmetrical cast drive elements. Here we are well positioned to offer you the complete service from the drive design to the complete in-house production. Inexpensive alternatives can also be offered for commercially standard drives.

Ask us! We are happy to support you with your drive problems.

  • V-belt pulleys

    V-belt pulleys

    We offer customised V-belt pulleys. Without model costs. Maximum diameter 2,500 mm / weight 6,000 kg. Manufactured in accordance with DIN 2211 / DIN 2217.

  • Flat belt pulleys

    Flat belt pulleys

    We specialise in the manufacture of made-to-measure flat belt pulleys. Free of charge. Up to 2,500 mm pulley diameter, 750 mm crown width and 6,000 kg weight.

  • Flywheels


    We specialise in the manufacture of individual flywheels and flywheels. Model free of charge. Max. 2500 mm disc diameter, 700 mm rim width and 6t weight.tion.

  • Timing belt pulleys

    Timing belt pulleys

    Customised production according to individual customer specification or drawing. Model free of charge. Max. 2,000 mm disc diameter / 6 t weight. Enquire now!

  • Aluminium pulleys

    Aluminium pulleys

    Special production of V-belt pulleys and flat belt pulleys made of aluminium. According to individual customer specification or drawing. Max. Pulley diameter 2,800 mm.

  • Special pulleys

    Special pulleys

    We offer customised drive pulleys: split pulleys, elevator pulleys, welded steel constructions. Professional design, inspection and optimisation of your drive.

  • TL-bushes, TaperLock

    TL-bushes, TaperLock

    TL clamping bushes in standard sizes 1008 to 5050, as well as in special sizes 6050 to 10085 in all bore diameters available from stock at short notice.

  • Foundation blocks according to DIN 799

    Foundation blocks according to DIN 799

    Foundation blocks for permanent fastening of machines and systems, as well as clamping rails for electric motors. High damping properties due to cast material.

  • Drive belts / Industrial belts

    Drive belts / Industrial belts

    We offer a wide range of V-belts, kraftbands, flat belts, timing belts and synchronous belts from all well-known manufacturers. Request a quote now.

  • Accessories / Measurement technology

    Accessories / Measurement technology

    We stock professional tools for aligning pulleys, including measuring and setting the optimum belt tension.

Semi-mechanical moulding process

Large foundry - up to 6T unit weight and Ø 2,800 mm


For more than 100 years our company has been manufacturing drive elements made from gray cast iron.

No model costs due to our prof. moulding process technology


We manufacture made to measure drive pulleys and support you with of all kinds drive problems.



Complete production from a single source


Modern CNC milling

vertical lathe

Balancing according to DIN 21940


Grooves up to 60 mm


Extensive measurement technology

quality control

Complete production to benefit the customer

Modern and powerful machine shop

In addition to experience, our great strength lies in our ability to completely manufacture all of the drive components. In conjunction with our foundry, we manufacture our drive units on the most modern CNC machines. Vertical lathes up to Ø2,500 mm and high-performance machining centers are the basis for fast and high-performance machining.

We also offer all of our services for high-performance machining as a sub contract service. In this way, we try to ensure constant machine utilization and offer our customers further added value in the joint partnership.

Surface treatment and finishing

Due to the increasing demands of our customers, we have also invested further in finishing and additional services.

Standard paint, special paint or specific surface passivation

Depending upon the customer requirements, our drive pulleys can be supplied primed or completely painted/surface treated. The aim is to best meet the requirements of our customers according to project cost criteria

Rubber coating for transport or elevator drives

With all of our experience, we ensure the ideal rubber coating of the drive pulleys. Depending upon the application, food-safe or heavy-duty rubber layers are also possible. We are happy to support and advise you with our many years of experience.

Sub contract balancing

All drives are balanced on our modern balancing systems according to DIN 21940. After consultation with our customers, we ensure that the drive elements are balanced with great precision in order to ensure we achieve the best low-vibration power transmission during operation. Sub contract balancing is also carried out daily for our customers as a service, and many of our own production parts are provided to us for balancing.

Drive design - your optimised drive

The great advantage of the drives is the totally performance-oriented dimensioning. We calculate your drive according to your performance parameters and ensure the ideal efficiency.

A change or modification in the geometry is always possible with little effort and WITHOUT model costs.

The details of the specific drive design are also used for performance optimization. We have various software systems at our disposal so that our team of engineers and technicians can design your drive according to your requirements. We support you on site and also advise you on the selection of the right drive belt.

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