Subcontract Machining

Experience, know-how and an optimised machine park are the pre-requisites for the high performance of our mechanical machining. We are optimally positioned both for our own drive solutions as well as subcontract manufacturing for our customers.

CNC-Turning, CNC-milling and CNC-Grinding
are the core competencies of our company. But we also h ave more conventional processes such as slotting, grinding, balancing and surface treatment as a part of our overall process capabilities. Precision, good terms and conditions and reliability are a matter of course for us.

Ask us! We will be happy to work for you as well.

The growing demands placed on our own gearboxes and drive components have led us to continually invest in our own production facility and to successfully expand both capacity and performance through new machining systems, new control units and also process improvements. The inspection and measurement technology was also further upgraded in order to be able to meet the high quality requirements.



With the increase in subcontract machining for our customers, our machinery as well as our competence and the experience of our employees is all placed at the disposal of our customers.

From turning, milling or grinding work to complex geometry work on the boring mill, we offer a complete range of machining options. We also have the in-house technology to carry out balancing up to a diameter of 2,500mm and a unit weight of 6 tons.

With our knowledge and competence we are increasingly active in the field of prototype manufacture. We are also happy to make our knowledge available to you and are happy to support you as well. Please contact us if you have any questions - we are looking forward to interesting projects together.

Our machine overview gives you a description of our production capabilities.


Our production park is equipped with different types of vertical turning centers (carousel lathes) as well as powerful horizontal bed machines. We can machine up to a diameter of 2,700 mm with high performance and maximum stability.

Especially with our SCHIESS KZ250 vertical lathe, we we are able to use the full bed swing with the tools even for large groove profiles.

The performance of this machine brings us big advantages in time savings in the machining of our drive components.

For the machining of smaller diameters, we also have a variety of fully controlled machine tools, that provide optimum performance even for smaller components.


CNC-Milling / Drilling

As a manufacturer of complex production parts such as flat cams, Globoid cams or shell and barrel cams, we are able to produce parts with outer diameters of up to 1,800mm and heights of up to 1,400mm. All with high production accuracy and optimum surface finish on state-of-the-art CNC full-portal milling machines. The manufacturing processes are suitable for the production of rotationally symmetrical bodies such as curves, as well as for complex surfaces used in tool and mould making. With a tool table clamping size of 4000 mm x 2000 mm, even large-volume production parts can be easily machined.

Our complex cam geometries are all made on our machines. We are happy to pass on the experience we have gained in order to achieve optimum milling results for our customers as well.

CNC-Fräsen / Bohren
CNC-Fräsen / Bohren
CNC-Fräsen / Bohren

CNC- Grinding (jig grinding and cylindrical grinding)

One of our core competencies is CNC grinding. Here we are able to offer diameters up to 1,000mm with medium and longer grinding lengths. Our two grinding machines from KEHREN with a quadruple grinding head, in which both vitrified bonded grinding wheels and borazon-coated (KBN) grinding wheels are used, have proven their worth. The rotary table enables the machine to produce rotationally symmetrical bodies such as discs, curves or cylinders using the external and internal cylindrical grinding process. Here we produce a large part of our complex curve geometries in an air-conditioned environment.

With our STUDER and WEISS grinding machines, we are able to process diameters of up to 400mm quickly and reliably. Our machines are used primarily for shafts and bearing journals and develop high performance with good economic efficiency.


Machining of grooves

  • Keyways
  • Broaching
  • EDM (spark erosion) to customer specifications

Subcontract balancing

Our drives are perfectly balanced on our Schenk balancing machines. We also carry out contract balancing for our customers.

Especially with the large number of flywheels and drive discs that we process every day, the high quality balancing plays a decisive role for the safe and reliable operation of the drive components in later use. We balance with great care and certified accuracy and provide you with the necessary certificates according to DIN 21940 with the delivery.

We would also be happy to advise you on vibration problems or general questions about balancing your drive components


Surface treatment - painting, passivation etc.

Our gearboxes are generally painted according to specific customer requirements. Here we are able to offer a wide variety of paints and passivation systems using the latest technology. In our temperature-controlled surface treatment facility we also have controlled air flow that enables fast and economical painting work. The paints are exclusively high-quality systems, which we select according to the highest quality requirements.

In addition to painting, we also have in-depth experience in other areas of metal passivation. It doesn't matter whether it's aluminum anodizing, chrome plating or phosphating, we will find the best solution to protect your product appropriately.
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