Indexing gears / cam components

Indexing gears and cam components are used when exact, recurring cycles are required. The exclusive feature of the Flohr indexing gears is the possibility of converting a uniform rotary movement into an intermittent output movement. With more than 50 years of experience in the calculation and manufacture of stepping components, the ability to map the most complex movements with precise control is a prerequisite.

The product range has been expanded to include cam components. These are the industry standard for cam-controlled motion sequences with the highest quality requirements. DESTACO manufactures a variety of motion control products including indexing gears, linear and rotary part handlers, servomechanical actuators, and customer-supplied indexing cams.

  • Part handlers

    Part handlers

    When precise parts handling and pick-and-place capabilities are part of your automated system application, turn to DESTACO's CAMCO parts handlers for the ideal Rotary or Linear configuration.

  • Cam components

    Cam components

    FLOHR manufactures flat and three-dimensional cams of all common designs using the latest production technologies.

  • Stepper gears

    Stepper gears

    Stepper gears and servo drives are used to support stepping applications.

Our cam gearboxes are equipped with through-hardened and ground cams. This is the basis for the high precision, the form the fit and the long service life. A set of cams converts a uniform input rotation into an incremental or oscillating output motion that can be optimized for each application. The cast or aluminum housings are completely machined according to the required connection dimensions. The gearboxes are developed and sold as partially complete machines according to the specifications of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG.

If positive positioning is required, no additional positioning unit is required. It is possible without any loss of time to make an overlapping movement sequence with a constant movement duration. The directions of rotation are reversible depending on requirements.


  • Industry
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food and packaging
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Life Sciences

Areas of application

  • Packaging machines
  • Filling plants and timing stations
  • Robotic applications for welding and assembly processes
  • Press automation
  • Handling and positioning units
  • Automatic assembly machines

Accessories and special components

  • Geared brake motors
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Motor flanges
  • Special movement courses
  • Special profiles
  • Combination with FLOHR bevel and/or FLOHR worm gears

Repair and services

The quality of our gearboxes is an important part of our philosophy. We try to design our gearboxes according to the needs of our customers in such a way that we meet both the requirements for performance and economy.

For FLOHR, however, customer service does not end with the handover of the product. Each of our gearboxes is well documented and should give you a long service life. We also offer a full repair and maintenance service for all of our gearboxes.

In order to be able to provide any type of repair and service as quickly as possible, we offer our customers a well thought-out service strategy, which also includes the storage of special parts and a rolling exchange of strategically relevant parts. In conjunction with this, we offer a repair, maintenance and service for all of our customers' transmissions, irrespective of brand. With a quick and professional damage analysis, you will immediately receive a cost estimate for the necessary repair measures. After approval, we guarantee reliable processing of the repair or service order.

Thanks to our service strategy, we have already had very good experiences with our customers. Together with you, we agree on maintenance intervals in order to prevent damage and reduce downtimes to a minimum. However, should an unscheduled problem occur, you will be immediately supported by our team.

Talk to us about the service and maintenance concepts - we will be happy to support you with your planning!


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