Magnetic encoders

Bearing-free magnetic encoder systems

The heavy industry demands encoder solutions which deliver reliably process control signals over many years. This is required in the face of the harshest conditions resulting from heavy loads such as mechanical shock, vibration, extreme temperature, dust, dirt and fluids. Each and every unplanned downtime causes high production losses. Applications in the field are either unsuited or it is simply not possible to fit encoders with optical scanning. The reasons are generally to be found in installation situations, for example extremely confined spaces, no free shaft end or large shaft diameters. And that in conjunction with excessive axial and/or radial shaft excentricity.

With the experience of installing thousands of applications in heavy industry across the globe Johannes Hübner Giessen, the specialists for genuine heavy duty encoder solutions, now offers the ideal solution in form of its modular, bearing-free magnetic encoder system MAG.

Johannes Hübner

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Short info

  • Monitor angular positions, position ranges, speed, standstill
  • Modular, individually configurable
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Signal transmission copper or FOC

Universal encoder systems

  • Overspeed switch
  • Position switch / position detection
  • Error switch
  • Absolute encoder
  • Simple parameterisation


  • SIL 2 and PL d certified
  • Models LWL or Compact
  • Incremental output
  • Current output 4 - 20 mA

Short info

  • Position and speed measurement
  • Tailor-made system solutions
  • Wear-free and bearingless
  • Also suitable for very high speeds


  • Pulse wheel divided or undivided
  • Terminal strip, cable or plug
  • Two electronic systems (redundant)
  • Integrated fibre optic transmitter (MAG)
  • Bus interfaces (MAGA) on request

Our partner, Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH, as a specialist for customised encoder solutions, can serve almost all requirements of heavy industry. The magnetic encoders are safe, flexible, reliable and adaptable to the requirements of your company.

Series Type Output signals / interfaces
MAG inkremental | MAG 200S Hollow shaft HTL, TTL, Switching output speed
MAG Ex | MAGA EX Hollow shaft HTL, TTL, SSI
MAGA absolute singleturn Hollow shaft HTL, TTL, SSI, Parallel Gray, EtherCAT, Switching output speed

Product overview

  • MAG Incremental

    MAG Incremental

    Die lagerlosen, magnetischen inkrementalen MAG Drehgebersysteme sind besonders flexibel und bieten dank der Ausführung mit Polrad und Abtastkopf ein Höchstmaß an konstruktiver Freiheit.

  • MAGA Absolute singleturn

    MAGA Absolute singleturn

    The bearingless, magnetic absolute encoder systems MAGA are particularly flexible and offer a maximum of design freedom thanks to the design with pole wheel and scanning head.

  • Protection covers for split pulse wheels

    Protection covers for split pulse wheels

    A well-established solution for our magnetic encoders with a one-piece pulse wheel is now also available for our MAG/MAGA series with a split pulse wheel: high-quality protection covers made of stainless steel or carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which reliably protect the pulse wheel and thus significantly extend its lifetime.

  • MAG Ex Incremental / MAGA Ex Absolute

    MAG Ex Incremental / MAGA Ex Absolute

    The explosion-proof encoder systems MAG Ex incremental with HTL or TTL output signals are available with immediate effect. Ex certification for the encoder systems MAGA absolute with SSI output signals is in preparation.

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