• Juni 2022  NEW: Protective cover for incremental encoders

    NEW: Protective cover for incremental encoders

    Occupational safety is important, which is why we have introduced a new addition to the well-established FGH 6 encoder system solution: a made-to-measure protective cover that reliably prevents accidents caused by rotating part.

  • April 2022  DESTACO Distributor Award 2021

    DESTACO Distributor Award 2021

    Our partnership with DESTACO is only five years young. The joy about the impressive sales success with the high-quality automation, clamping technology and containment solutions is all the greater. Despite difficult market developments caused by the pandemic, we were able to significantly increase sales of DESTACO products last year.

  • März 2022  NEW: Coloured handles for hand clamps

    NEW: Coloured handles for hand clamps

    DESTACO is expanding the selection options for manual tensioner handles. Many series are now available in green, blue, yellow and black in addition to the standard red handles. The extended colour range is not only interesting for prototyping, but also for customers who want to implement special safety aspects with standardised color codes. In addition, individual colour designs can also be implemented.

  • Dezember 2021  Apply now for a dual Business Administration degree

    Apply now for a dual Business Administration degree

    For many years, we have been an industrial partner with the commitment of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach. We compliment the course as a successful partner company for business and technology. We are still looking for a Bachelor of Arts student (m/f/d) for September 1, 2022.

  • Dezember 2021  NEW: Bearingless magnetic rotary Ex encoders now with ATEX certification

    NEW: Bearingless magnetic rotary Ex encoders now with ATEX certification

    Extreme temperatures, dust, dirt and vibrations: Encoders for heavy industries have to withstand a lot. The new MAG Ex bearingless magnetic encoder systems from our partner Johannes Hübner GmbH based in Giessen, Germany are now even more versatile. This is because they are ATEX certified and can therefore also be used in applications with explosion hazards.

  • September 2021  We train skilled workers

    We train skilled workers

    Together with the IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee, we have been training young people to become skilled workers for more than 30 years. With our new trainee programme, we would like to give applicants for the coming year an impression of the companies part of the dual training. Here you can find out what motivated our trainees to choose a career, what they like best about training at FLOHR and what their future career plans look like.

  • Juli 2021  NEW: High-ratio servo gearbox

    NEW: High-ratio servo gearbox

    The new VCE servo gearboxes are available in the four sizes 065 - 090 - 120 - 140 and in a ratio ranges from 1:1 to 400:1 in the usual high product quality and a short delivery time. The multi-stage combination gearboxes consisting of bevel and planetary gearboxes are high-precision and highly dynamic servo drive solutions.

  • Juni 2021  NEU: Professionelle Messtechnik für Antriebsriemen

    NEU: Professionelle Messtechnik für Antriebsriemen

    Für eine zuverlässige Kraftübertragung der Antriebsriemen sind neben der Riemenqualität auch eine professionelle Montage und eine regelmäßige Wartung wichtig. Die exakte Ausrichtung der Riemenscheiben und die genaue Riemenspannung führen zu weniger Verschleiß der Riemenscheiben, Riemen, Lager und Dichtungen. Die Vibrationsstärke wird verringert und die Energieeffizienz nachhaltig gesteigert.

  • Mai 2021  NEU: Manueller Werkzeugwechsler TC1

    NEU: Manueller Werkzeugwechsler TC1

    Die manuellen Werkzeugwechsler der TC1 Serie von DESTACO sind ultraleicht, kompakt und ideal geeignet für Cobot-Arbeitszellen und Anwendungen, die kundenspezifische Kupplungslösungen erfordern.

  • April 2021  NEU: Servopositionierer mit Parallel-Getriebe

    NEU: Servopositionierer mit Parallel-Getriebe

    Der neue Servopositionierer PGM40 wurde für den Einsatz in kleinen Hochgeschwindigkeits-Positionieranwendungen in den Bereichen Transport, Konsumgüter, Verpackung, Industrie, Formenbau, Reinraum, Vorrichtungen/Tests und Montageprozesse entwickelt und bietet die Möglichkeit zur Feinpositionierung in größeren Positioniersystemen.

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