Poly, Poly-N, Poly-Norm coupling

Poly, Poly-N Polynorm Couplings

Poly couplings are flexible jaw couplings with elastomer elements that have small dimensions and weights, but can transmitt large torques. Compensation of axial, radial and angular displacements is possible to a small extent, but vibration damping is more important. Vibrations caused by starting jolts are quickly reduced by the Elastomer inserts.



The different versions of the couplings are selected dependant upon the torque transmission, type of load and area of ​​application. The simple version of the POLY-N coupling is usually provided with a single Elastomer ring. The poly coupling, on the other hand, has the elastomeric elements (segments) in both coupling halves as a special feature. This design feature means that a significantly larger number of Elastomeric elements (segments) and therefore a greater effective mass is available for elastic deformation than in comparable couplings with packs in one piece. At the same time, the Elastomeric couplings work with relatively low specific surface pressures on the compounds.


  • Cast Elastomeric coupling in various designs and standard sizes
  • Torsionally flexible, damping coupling to compensate for shaft misalignments
  • Greatest possible operational safety due to the puncture-proof design
  • Suitable for plug-in assembly
  • Dynamic tuning through elastomer selection
  • Can be used in potentially explosive environments
  • Highly heat-resistant packages up to 250° C on request
  • Maintenance-free design

Balance quality according to DIN 21940

The balance of the poly and poly-N couplings is checked during mechanical processing of the coupling halves. Another check is also carried out when it is assembled on a test shaft to ensure that the clutch runs properly. Balancing protocols are according to DIN 21940 and are available on request.

The delivery quality corresponds to a minimum of Q 16. Parts 3 of type AZ which are balanced to quality level Q 6.3. Balancing to quality level Q 6.3 is only possible on coupling parts with a finished bore or ready-to-install parts.


- Turned parts GJL-250 (GG 250) to DIN 1691
- Elastomeric elements made of NBR rubber as standard (alternative materials possible).

We would be happy to support you in selecting the coupling. Information on assembly, disassembly and the technical data can also be found in our catalog for download

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