MEGIFLEX Shaft coupling

MEGIFLEX Shaft coupling



The MEGIFLEX shaft coupling is a component of the proven and successful MEGIFLEX system. The torsionally rigid coupling has hubs made of high-quality steel, precisely machined on all sides and very versatile and adaptable. The alternating axial and radial fixing of the flexible elastic components to the hubs is carried out using high-strength, self-locking screws. 

Due to the thin elastic component which is made of an extremely tough and highly resilient plastic, the coupling is very powerful in a small installation space. This elastic element is torsionally stiff and free of play, but flexible in bending and therefore axially and angularly flexible.

The MEGIFLEX shaft coupling is also oil-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to approx. 150°C. This elastic element contains steel bushings that are alternately screwed axially and radially to the hubs. The radial bushings are firmly injected into the elastic element.


  • Suitable for reversing and intermittent operation
  • Simple, compact, smooth-surfaced design
  • Low weight and mass moment of inertia
  • High performance, at highest permissible speed
  • Breakdown resistant
  • Backlash-free and uniformly transmitted torque
  • Maintenance-free and practically without wear
  • Heat is well dissipated
  • Drive can be easily disconnected and rotated without disassembly
  • No axial reaction forces on the shafts and bearings due to the torque

Areas of application

The MEGIFLEX coupling is used for assembly in closed housings and in particular where greater axial play needs to be compensated. With the torsionally rigid elastic element of the "X" series, the MEGIFLEX system is extended into new areas of application in an economical way using existing components; e.g. pump drives (also with radially dismountable intermediate piece), cooling tower drives, air conditioning technology, printing machines, packaging machines, stepper motors, tachometer drives, hydraulic drives, compressors, to name just a few.

Balancing quality according to DIN 21940

All couplings can be delivered balanced upon request. However, depending upon the length / width of the unit, the ratio is not critical in terms of imbalance.

Design and calculation

We will be happy to assist you with the selection of the coupling. Information on assembly, disassembly and technical data can also be found in our catalogue which is available to download.

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