Locking units - Frictional connections

STÜWE frictional connections can be easily and non-destructively installed and removed – unlike friction-type connections which are joined either thermally or by other means. The clearance fits between a shaft and hub or between a hub and a “STÜWE disc” enable easy installation and removal.

Renowned companies throughout the world appreciate the benefits of the high-quality and sophisticated frictional connections Made in Germany.

Shaft-hub connections


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Overview standard types / series

  • HSD Shrink discs - mechanical

    HSD Shrink discs - mechanical

    The HSD type shrink disc is a removable machine element for the connection of a hollow shaft to a shaft. The shrink joint is a maintenance-free, impervious to dirt due to the press fit, connection that finds a wide range of applications

  • HYD Shrink discs - hydraulic

    HYD Shrink discs - hydraulic

    The hydraulic shrink disc type HYD is based on the same principle as the type HSD mechanical shrink disc. Due to the hydraulic locking, in comparison with the type HSD mechanical shrink disc only a fraction of the assembly and disassembly time is required.

  • SDG Shrink discs - splitted

    SDG Shrink discs - splitted

    The SDG type shrink disc is a four-piece shrink disc for the space-saving shrinking on of disc-shaped components such as gears, for example.

  • AS External locking units

    AS External locking units

    With the AS type outer locking unit, disc-shaped attachments such as, for example, brake discs, rope sheaves or pulleys can be mounted on shafts.

  • IS Internal locking units

    IS Internal locking units

    Hubs of all types can be assembled on customary shafts with the internal locking unit. In the process, every type offers the following advantages: self-centring, self-locking taper angle and improved true concentric running through pre-centring.

  • WK / WKL Shaft couplings

    WK / WKL Shaft couplings

    The WK and WKL shaft couplings are suitable everywhere where a secure, rigid connection of two free shaft ends is required with little effort.

  • FKH / FKHA / FKHYD Flange Couplings

    FKH / FKHA / FKHYD Flange Couplings

    We offer the complete flange coupling for every application from stock. All STÜWE products are characterised by quick assembly and disassembly.

  • GF Cardan shaft couplings

    GF Cardan shaft couplings

    The type GF cardan shaft flange is ideally suited for the connection of standard cardan shafts to cylindrical shafts.


Depending upon the shaft-hub connection, there are a variety of different locking solutions available. In addition to the HSD or AS shrink disc as the standard external locking solution, the range also includes shaft couplings and cardan shaft flange connections with standard DIN connections. The catalogue data and the software application are available and ready to be utilised for the application-specific design of the shaft-hub connection. And if the standard is not enough, STÜWE will be happy to develop the right solution specifically for your application.


Advantages at a glance

  • Safe transmission at torques of up to 18000000 Nm
  • Suited for shaft diameters from 8 mm up to over 1000 mm
  • Quick and easy, space-saving installation and non-destructive removal
  • No frictional corrosion Compact design
  • Normal surface qualities of shafts & hubs
  • May be used as an application-related assembly
  • May be fastened using bolts or hydraulic systems


All STÜWE friction connections are based on the same physical principle which uses conical rings that are axially displaced against each other, so that an equal and consistent pressure is generated. Due to the generated friction, a torque and/or an axial force can be applied this way. The advantages of our shrink discs and other brands are summarised below.

Areas of application - Application examples

Frictional connections are versatile in their use. They can be used in practically all powertrains and in many other applications. The individual sizes range from just a few mm up to more than 1 000 mm, with transmission torques of a few Nm up to more than 18.000.000 Nm.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines

Shaft-hub connection on the slow and quick sides in wind turbines

Crushing equipment

Crushing equipment

A shock-resistant connection between the motor and rollers in crushing equipment

Marine drives

Marine drives

Locking units for main engine couplings and shaft couplings in marine drives

Rolling mill equipment

Rolling mill equipment

Suited for alternating torques and impact loading in reversing operation of a rolling mil

Belt drives

Belt drives

Flange coupling for the connection of a gear motor with a drive shaft

Test beds

Test beds

Possible applications in test bed equipment, also with hydraulic tensioning


Further areas of use:

  • Fixing of brake discs
  • Fixing of slip-on gears to a shaft
  • Fixing of couplings in such as printing presses, agitators
  • Axial fixing of mechanical seals

  • Fixing of paddle wheels in tailings facilities
  • Fixing of water wheels Fixing of flywheels
  • Fixing of shafts in such as weaving machines or other precision mechanics applications

Advice on your best solution


Our frictional connections are considered state of the art. In particular, our various shrink disc models have long been established in drive technology. They achieve the maximum grip in the shaft-hub connection and are insensitive to shock, impact and corrosion. Therefore, they work absolutely reliably even under extreme conditionsand of course, we also recommend our range because we are convinced of the total suitability across the range. However, if the correct design is not available for your individual application, we will produce any shaft-hub unit using the latest design and calculation methods until it meets your requirements 100%. Customer-specific solutions are our speciality.


All STÜWE friction connections are based upon the same principle and in their simplest form, they consist of an inner and an outer ring with opposite facing conical surfaces. A pressure is generated by axial displacement (mechanical or hydraulic) of the outer ring against the inner ring. As a result, the outer ring expands outwards, while the inner ring is compressed inwards. The existing friction of the pressure that occurs between the hub and the shaft means that a torque and/or an axial force can be applied. This depends on the coefficient of friction, the clearance, the locking length and the shaft diameter.


Large stock

For a fast and reliable delivery service, we keep the raw materials as forging blanks for all of the most common diameters in stock ready for our customers. Despite the high capital commitment, the decision was made to take this step in order to ensure a fast and reliable availability for special drive elements as well. Our customers appreciate this and trust the performance of FLOHR.

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