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Powerful shaft-hub connections


Our partner TAS Schäfer is a market leader in the production of mechanical and hydraulic friction-locked shaft-hub connections. In addition to mechanical shrink discs and clamping sets, the family-owned company is a global leader in the market for hydraulic shrink discs. The company's own state-of-the-art and certified production guarantees high-quality products. A customer-oriented, flexible and qualified team implements customer wishes quickly and professionally. Reliable technical advice from the design department is an essential component in this.

Product overview

  • Hydraulically tensionable products

    Hydraulically tensionable products

    Hydraulically tensionable shrink discs are used when shaft and hub have to be connected safely and quickly. They are particularly suitable for assembly on test benches and repetitive clamping operations.

  • Shrink discs

    Shrink discs

    The main function of a shrink disc is to securely connect a shaft to a hub by means of a frictional connection.

  • Adapter flanges | Flange couplings

    Adapter flanges | Flange couplings

    The adapter flanges / external clamping elements are used to connect disc-shaped attachments such as brake discs, pulleys and belt pulleys securely and without backlash by friction.

  • Shaft couplings

    Shaft couplings

    The main function of the rigid shaft coupling is the safe and backlash-free connection of two shafts by means of friction. For example between a drive shaft and driven shaft and mainly to transmit torque. Shaft couplings consist of a connecting sleeve and two external clamping systems.

  • Locking assemblies

    Locking assemblies

    Locking assemblies are used in mechanical engineering to create a frictional shaft-hub connection. The Locking assemblies connects the hub of a gear, for example, to a shaft by means of a frictional connection.

  • Stainless solutions

    Stainless solutions

    We also offer all shaft-hub connections in stainless steel.

  • Special solutions

    Special solutions

    In cooperation with our design department, we are also able to produce special solutions for our customers, for example for flange adapters or shaft couplings.

Depending on the shaft-hub connection, the optimum clamping set solution is available. In addition to the shrink discs as a standard external clamping set, the range also includes shaft couplings and cardan shaft flange connections with the standardised DIN connections.

For the application-specific design of the shaft-hub connections, the catalogue data is available on demand. And if the standard is not enough, TAS Schäfer will be happy to develop the right solution specifically for your application.

Advantages at a glance

  • Safe transmission for torques up to 18,000,000 Nm
  • Suitable for shaft diameters from 8 mm to over 1,000 mm
  • Fast, simple, space-saving assembly and non-destructive disassembly
  • No fretting corrosion
  • Compact design
  • Normal surface finish of shaft and hub
  • Can be used as application-specific assembly
  • Can be clamped by screws or hydraulics
  • State-of-the-art CNC machines and machining centres
  • Own raw material stock ensures delivery capability
  • 100% Made in Germany

Large stock

For optimum delivery capability, we keep all essential diameters in stock for our customers as raw material - forged blanks. Despite the high capital commitment, we decided to take this step in order to ensure optimum availability even for special drive elements.

Advice on your optimal solution

Our frictional connections are considered state of the art. In particular, our various shrink disc models have long since established themselves in drive technology. They realise maximum energy density in the shaft-hub connection and are insensitive to shocks, impacts and corrosion. Therefore, they work absolutely reliably even under extreme conditions. Of course, we also recommend our range to you because we are convinced of its bandwidth. But if there is no perfect model for your individual application, we will optimise any shaft-hub unit using the latest design and calculation methods - until it meets your requirements 100%. Because customised solutions are our speciality.

All frictional connections are based on the same principle. In their simplest form, they consist of an inner and an outer ring with opposite conical surfaces. Axial displacement (mechanical or hydraulic) of the outer ring against the inner ring creates pressure. This causes the outer ring to expand outwards, while the inner ring is compressed inwards. The existing friction of the pressure occurring between the hub and the shaft means that a torque and/or an axial force can be transmitted. These depend on the coefficient of friction, the fit clearance, the clamping length and the shaft diameter.


Areas of application - Examples of use

Friction lock connections are versatile and can be used in almost all drive trains as well as in many other applications. Element sizes range from a few mm to more than 1,000 mm, with transmission torques from a few Nm to more than 18,000,000 Nm.

Wind power

Our hydraulic or mechanical shrink discs are used worldwide for the connection of the hollow shaft of the transmission with the rotor shaft.

Materials handling

In the powertrain of conveyor belts, our flange couplings are also used. Our shrink discs and locking assemblies are used in the field of conveyor technology, especially in heavy-duty cranes, conveyor drums, elevators and storage technology.

Drive technology

Our mechanical shrink discs are used for driving cable winches. In addition, hydraulic shrink discs, flange couplings and locking assemblies are used for shaft connections, motor connections and
brake discs.

Wood processing

Our shrink discs are installed in wood processing machines. A typical applictaion is the wood transport within the maschine. Depending on customer requirements, shaft couplins, locking assemblies and flange couplings are also used in this branch.

Paper industrie

Our locking assemblies are woldwide installed in different packaging machines. For example, they are used to mounting pullys and also for the transport of goods in the machines. Furthermore, shrink discs and shaft couplings are also used in this industrie.

Packaging machines

Preferably, our hydraulic shrink discs are used in this insutrie, this allows faster replacement of rolls. Furthermore, mechanical shrink discs and locking assemblies are installed in rollers and winding machines.


Different versions of our flange coupling are used in bucket wheel excavators. Furthermore, our locking assemblies and shrink discs are used in conveyor drums, stirring shaft connections and crushers.

Marine technology

Our hydraulic or mechanical shaft coupling drive rudder an shaft systems. Furthermore, our hydraulic and mechanical shrink discs are used to connect intermediate shafts and thrust bearing connections.


Our connections flanges are mainly installed in hydropower plants.
Our locking assemblies find their application in hydropower technology, e.g. in Francis turbines. Especially, the stainlees steel versions have a great importance in these applictaions.

Oil and gas industrie

Especially our stainlees steel products are designed for extreme conditions. Shaft couplings are used to connect gearboxes and motors. For sealing systems on pumps, our shrinks are also used.

Food industrie

Stainless steel products are standard in the food industrie. For this reason, our stainlees steel shrink discs or locking assemblies are essential for the high hygienic standatds of this industrie. Typical applications are stirring systems, ice machines and filling machines

Gearbox test benches

Our hydraulic shrink discs, especially for gearbox test benches, are designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Through our years of know-how, we are world market leaders in this industrie and equip test benches worldwide with our products.


Effect through tensioning and pressing

In a frictional connection, components are held together by static frictional forces in which they are axially braced against each other by conical friction surfaces. The radial pressure creates the bodies of the connection that are elastically braced in the direction of the shaft. The at least two bodies are moved axially against each other by screws, whereby the interference fit transmits ever greater radial forces through the surface pressure. The friction force generated opposes the displacement forces acting from the outside.

The special feature of the shaft-hub connection is the pure frictional connection. There does not have to be any weakening of the shafts to be connected in order to transmit the torque. Decisive for a reliable connection is the quality of the components used in terms of both material and workmanship. The connections are used wherever forces are to be introduced or torques transmitted and quick and easy assembly and disassembly are required. Friction connections can be found, among other things, in winches, various energy systems, in ship drives, in conveying and crushing technology in rolling mills and everywhere where torques have to be reliably transmitted.

An extremely powerful connection

A frictional shaft-hub connection from the field of mechanical engineering is also called a clamping set. In practice, you have to imagine that a machine element connects a hub, which can be a gear wheel, for example, with a shaft so that a torque and axial forces can be transmitted between these two elements without a form fit. At the same time, the hub is secured against axial displacement on the shaft.

Various technical designs

A distinction can be made between self-centring and non-centring clamping sets. Self-centring clamping sets are able to centre a hub on a shaft with a high degree of accuracy and thus ensure correspondingly good concentricity. If non-centring clamping sets are used, a sufficiently long centring between a shaft and a hub is necessary, which should be at least twice as long as the width of the clamping set. The advantage of non-centring clamping sets is that they have the ability to compensate for larger differences in fit between a shaft and a hub.

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