Palloid-toothed bevel gears

The advantage of palloid-toothed bevel gears lies in a greater degree of overlap compared to straight-toothed bevel gears. The palloid tooth profile is particularly insensitive to changes in the meshing (contact pattern changes). There are restrictions in the choice of helix angle, which should be between 35° and 45°. The sliding movement takes place in opposite directions during the engagement of two tooth flanks, which leads to smoother running compared to straight-toothed bevel gears. The greater number of meshed teeth in palloid bevel gears also results in higher load capacity.

Special features:

  • Constant tooth height along the tooth width
  • High gearing accuracy through a continuous hobbing process
  • Infinitely adjustable longitudinal tooth crowning
  • Specific interferance of the position and size of the contact pattern
palloid-toothed bevel gears zoom
palloid-toothed bevel gears

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